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Canada’s National Up Offers to Seal a Deal for US Railways

Check what clicked on. FoxBusiness.com The Canadian national team made an offer to buy Kansas City’s southern railways on Thursday and derailed competing Canadian Pacific rail bids for traffic in the United States and Mexico. Kansas City Southern said on Thursday it had set Canada’s $ 33.6 billion revised offer better than the $ 25 billion deal it had with …

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US oil pipeline ‘Paid Hackers $ 5 Million for Ransom’ – BBC News

US oil pipeline ‘Paid Hackers $ 5 Million for Ransom’, BBC News Biden declined to say whether he knew Colonial Pipeline paid hackers $ 4M- $ 5M to get the pipeline back online, according to a Fox Business report. The gas panic in colonial pipelines is incredibly stupid and completely inevitable. Failure leading to Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks CNN. Colonial …

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Elon Musk’s comment sheds bitcoin: CoinDesk’s director of research pays attention to Yahoo Finance.

Elon Musk’s comment sheds bitcoin: CoinDesk’s director of research weighs in on Yahoo Finance. Elon Musk’s net worth dives after SNL: New York Post report Bitcoin price has failed to generate 50K support as traders look to the next lower level than FXStreet. Bitcoin ‘would be better without Elon’: Yahoo Finance ceo of the Celsius network Musk highlights bitcoin’s biggest …

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Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce hot topic at a financial party in Miami.

Bill and Melinda Gates’ shocking divorce announcement dominated the conversation of luxury investment banker John Utendahl, who hosted his partner Radmila Lolly in Miami. There last weekend Utendahl hosted a party at the Mr. C Hotel in Miami, and we told Silicone Valley investors, CEOs and society all buzzing about the divide and liking of the younger women of. Gates …

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Ireland needs remote work to restore rural cities now.

Shop porch and historic building, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland, Irish Republic (Photo: Geography Photos / Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Geographical photos, Universal Images Group | Getty Images DUBLIN – In March, the Irish government unveiled a plan to revive the country’s rural economy by luring more people to work remotely. A long-standing challenge for the Irish countryside has …

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