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Why are flies so hard to hit?

Flies fly over your head and land close to you, snatching flies or roll magazines and approach carefully – and you attack! But no matter how fast you are, flying speeds up most of the time, and it usually manages to maneuver your escape and escape harmlessly. (Is it trying to bother you ?!) Flies have many modifications that improve …

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NASA’s InSight Mars rover may ‘hear’ the landing of the Perseverance rover next month.

NASA landing Perseverance Mars rover The next month will produce intense waves, some of which could help scientists better understand the structure of the Red Planet. Endeavors, at the heart of NASA’s $ 2.7 billion Mars 2020 sampling mission, are scheduled to touch inside the 28-mile (45 km) Jezero Crater on Feb. 18, the Great Landing. Will create an earthquake …

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The supernova, which is presumed to be much rarer.

Credit: Carnegie Institution for Science In the case of the cartoon’s erroneous identity, an international team of astronomers revealed that what they once thought to be a supernova is a periodic flare from galaxies where supermassive black holes provide explosive energy every 114 days. As it tore off a piece of the star’s orbit. Six years after the first discovery, …

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The most distant quasar ever found is seriously hiding a supermassive black hole.

In making breakthrough discoveries, scientists have made the most distant discoveries. Quasars Also known and home to supermassive black holes Astronomers, led by researchers at the University of Arizona, have discovered a wonderful quasar located 13.03 billion light-years away from Earth.Quasars are one of the brightest objects in the universe.The quasars are the nuclei of galaxies. Illuminated Z powered by …

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The NASA Curiosity rover spent 3,000 days on Mars, here are some of its greatest achievements.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover recently celebrated its 3,000th day on Mars with an incredible photograph of the Red Planet. The rover, which landed on the Martian surface on August 6, 2012, took pictures of the Gale crater, including Mount Sharp, a large mountain located within the crater. In a statement accompanying the success, NASA said there were several “stone benches” seen …

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NASA helped the cement plan to return to the moon.

Although NASA may have trouble returning to the moon by 2024, the US space agency is finally doing what it can to probe the lunar surface, announcing a formal partnership with Japan for the lunar gate. NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) formally announced an agreement to see JAXA participate in Gateway providing technical expertise, life-saving equipment and …

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