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China’s Mars Rover takes stunning selfies while exploring.

This site may earn an affiliate commission from links on this page. Terms of use. last month China becomes the second country to control a Mars rover. As the six-wheeled Zhurong robot rolls down a ramp towards the Red Planet, the rover now beams back the first image taken as it spins around the surface. rover and The landing platform, …

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How do you build a robot that walks on Mars? It’s a steep challenge.

from residents The rover, which landed on Mars in 1997, to Perseverance, which landed in February, Red Planet’s robots share a defining feature: wheels. Rolling is much more stable and energy efficient than walking. Even the robots on Earth are struggling to control it. After all, NASA will hate the very expensive Martian explorers who topple and flip like turtles …

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Astronomers discover largest known rotating structure in the universe

ligament of Galaxy A new study finds that hundreds of millions of light years in length may be the largest rotating object in the universe. Celestial bodies usually rotate from planets to star However, giant galaxy clusters tend to rotate very slowly. And many researchers think that at that point the spin might end on a cosmic scale, said co-author …

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A strange new species of chameleon is extinct – so strange that it was identified as a hummingbird-sized dinosaur.

Oculudentavis naga, as depicted in this artist’s revival. It is a bizarre lizard that researchers initially tried to categorize. They are still unsure of their exact location in the lizard family tree. Credit: Stephanie Abramowicz/Peretti Museum Foundation/Current Biology. An international research team has explained Oculudentavis new species It provides further evidence that the first animal identified as a hummingbird-sized dinosaur …

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NASA requests proposals for two private astronaut missions

WASHINGTON — NASA announced on June 11 that it is requesting proposals for two private astronaut missions to the International Space Station. which will fly between the fall of 2022 and the end of 2023. NASA said it was seeking offers from companies. who want to take private astronauts to the space station One mission will take place between the …

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NASA’s Giant SLS Rocket: A Guide

SLS Quit Launchpad NASA has developed a massive rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) to send astronauts to the moon – and eventually to Mars. The SLS will launch in late 2021, the most powerful armored vehicle ever built. since 1960 NASA plans to send men and women to the lunar surface this decade. It will be the first …

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