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Hologram professionals can now create lifelike images moving in air.

Small Starship Enterprise shot aboard a tiny Klingon Battle cruiser with real animations created in sparse air.Credit: BYU. They can be small weapons. But the Brigham Young University Hologram Research Group has found a way to naturally create green lightsabers for Yoda and red for Darth Vader, with a beam of light emanating from them like Natural The researchers were …

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NASA’s Mars helicopters hear hissing on red planet – Yahoo News

NASA’s Mars helicopters hear hissing on the red planet Yahoo News NASA Mars helicopters hear hissing through the thin air of the planet, The Associated Press. NASA Mars helicopters hear hissing through Mars air, Los Angeles Times NASA’s Mars helicopters hear hissing on the red planet, Associated Press Hear NASA’s Mars helicopters hum through the air on Mars, WGNO New …

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NASA Mars Ingenuity helicopter achieved its first one-way expedition.

One of the cameras on NASA’s Mars Perseverance probe captured a photo of the fifth flight of the Ingenuity helicopter. NASA / JPL-Caltech Part of this story Welcome to marsOur series explores the red planet. Mars Ingenuity helicopter The new theme song should be Blondie’s One Way or Another.NASA’s rotorcraft performed its first single flight on Friday. Before that, helicopters …

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A photograph captured by the SpaceX Starlink satellite in the sky over the Kansas Flint Hills.

SpaceX Starlink satellites pass through an old stone house near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas on Thursday night. Sixty satellites were launched Tuesday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Reed Hofmann Special for The Star Reed Hoffmann, a photographer from Overland Park, captured this Thursday night sky moment linking past and future together in a single image. While photographing the night …

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Chinese rocket debris tracker: how to see where to land

The main stage of China’s Long March 5B rocket is expected to revert to the uncontrolled Earth’s atmosphere within hours. The approximately 100-foot-long booster rocket, launched to carry modules for the country’s first permanent space station in April, is traveling around the plant at about 18,000 mph and will eventually drop. CHINA ROCKET DEBRIS fell to earth this week. IMPACT …

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No, NASA photos are not evidence of fungi growing on Mars, sorry.

“Blueberries” on Mars are spherical rocks formed on the surface of Mars. NASA / JPL-Caltech Mars is very in Now. NASA’s endeavor rover is searching for life.And departments of Mars Ingenuity helicopter Is Pull out the brave air talentBut on Wednesday, Mars appeared in the news for all the wrong reasons. According to websites such as the Daily Mail, scientists …

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