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What You Need to Know: Summer Solstice 2021 | Astronomy Essentials

The sunset was moving north. As shown in a 2016 photograph by Abhijit Juvekar. The summer solstice – your sign to celebrate summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere – will occur on June 21, 2021 at 03:32 UTC. That is, June 20 at 10:32 a.m. CDT. In North America, translate UTC to your time. for …

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Humans can reproduce on planets. Sperm can survive 200 years.

According to scientific studies, humans will be able to reproduce on Mars. Scientists believe that sperm can survive on the Red Planet for up to 200 years. Researchers previously believed that space radiation would damage our DNA, making mating impossible. See more stories on the Business Insider page. Human reproduction is possible on Mars because sperm can survive there for …

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See NASA’s huge rockets stand up, boosters, and all.

The center stage of the SLS lunar rocket is located between the pair of boosters. The end of the business is pointing down, the Orion spaceship will go up. NASA That’s a big rocket The Space Launch System is the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built and is intended to send spacecraft and astronauts to the moon as part …

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First view of NASA assembling the ‘megarocket’

NASA has assembled its first powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. which will lead humans to the moon in this decade on friday Engineers at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida lowered a 65-meter (212-foot) high core between two small booster rockets. For the first time, the three main components of a rocket come together in launch form. NASA plans …

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Two gas planets around a bright sun-like star.

in this artist’s rendering Two gas planets orbit the bright star HD 152843. These planets were discovered through the Planet Hunters TESS citizen science program in collaboration with professional scientists. Credit: NASA/Scott Wiessinger. At night, 7-year-old Miguel likes to chat with his father, Cesar Rubio, about planets and stars. “I’m trying to nurture that,” said Rubio, a mechanic in Pomona, …

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Have humans ever learned to speak whales?

The sperm whale is one of the loudest living creatures in the world. It creates a series of creaks, taps and clicks to communicate with other whales. that are a few feet or even hundreds of miles away. Patterned Click Symphony Also known as codas, it can be complex enough to qualify as a full-fledged language. But will humans understand …

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