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The largest 3D map of the universe ever created by astrophysicists.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), a project involving hundreds of scientists from dozens of institutions around the world, collecting data for decades and matching the universe with telescopes. With these measurements covering more than 2 million galaxies and quasars forming for over 11 billion years, scientists can now better understand how the universe developed. “We know both the ancient …

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Scientists find these amazing spiral helixes in common with crystals.

Humans have changed the creation of space into an art form. But we are not the only race that has achieved remarkable success. The unique type of Southeast Asian and Australian stingless bees take that idea to another level, creating a swirling honeycomb which competes with New York’s Guggenheim. We know that bees are smart. But it is a bit …

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Watch Comet Neowise before it disappears for 6,800 years – USA TODAY

Watch Comet Neowise before it disappeared for 6,800 years in the United States today. How to take Comet Neowise this week (it’s not too late) Digital Camera World Comet Neowise is a photographer’s dream: Tips for photographing CNET The Neowise comet is visible in the evening sky around the bay starting this week. SFGate Neowise, the brightest comet in over …

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Sturddlefish: Scientists have created a hybrid fish, which is part of the sturgeon, part of the paddle, an accident at all.

They built the Frankenish fish instead. But their coincidental hybrids are fish that are part of the Russian puddle and sturgeon. Some can benefit from fish farming. And by itself, fish are the wonders of biology Although they have not yet been officially named. But fellow fisher researchers gave the nickname The study “Fish catfish” appeared this month in the …

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