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CBS Prevention TV Network; CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC ignore firestorm in DeSantis report ’60 Minutes’.

CBS appears to be shielded from violent backlash in a controversial “60 Minutes” report on Sunday about Florida Republican Gov. Ron de Santis in the form of its closest rival 4. Earnings include CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC.

DeSantis has accused the network of “lying”

; after the venerable news magazine took part that allegedly made him on the project. “Pay-to-Play”, which suggested he rewarded the Publix grocery chain with the right to distribute the coronavirus vaccine after the company donated $ 100,000 to his campaign.

While Florida Democrats spoke out to defend the notorious Republican Party, and “60 Minutes” was ruined for falsely correcting his remarks against journalist Sharyn Alfonsi, there was no other network. Which is the focus of the growing controversy, according to Grabien’s memoir?

In fact, MSNBC hosts Ari Melber and Joy Reid, as well as “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin. “Pay-to-play” pushed by “60 minutes” on their list without noticing the two parties’ backlash.

CBS Releases New On-Demand Backup Report if it fails to protect it. Negative ‘PAY-FOR-PLAY’

The only acknowledgment of the conflict from any network is CNN’s online report highlighting CBS’s misery.

However, CBS News continues to defend the DeSantis report, releasing a new statement that focuses on the racial inequality of vaccination rather than corruption claims.

“Last week’s 60-minute story is about introducing the vaccine to older adults in Palm Beach County and focusing on the lack of access to minority communities,” CBS began. Governor DeSantis on the work does not admit that his senior component in Glades does not easily reach Publix for the vaccine.The Glades is a disadvantaged portion of Palm Beach County with a population of 31,000, which is the focus of the report. 60 minutes “

’60 Minutes’ coverage, FIASCO values ​​’gifts’ for satisfaction, not JOURNALISTIC BLUNDER.

The statement emphasized that Publix was the “only” pharmacy in Palm Beach County to have access to the vaccine in January, when. “Most Glades residents are black and most Spaniards will have to drive 25 miles if they have a car or use it. Take a bus to the nearest drugstore. ”The statement added that many Glades residents” do not own a computer or a smartphone. “

CBS news agency dismissed the list of hospitals, health care facilities, faith-based centers and pop-up sites DeSantis presented at a press conference Wednesday, insisting that “Not applicable to most seniors in Palm Beach County in January and parts of February,” and “most people” still rely on Publix to get the vaccine.

“The governor cited CVS and Walgreens, but the vaccine did not reach those pharmacies in Glades until late February for CVS and mid-March for Walgreens after the governor began distributing the vaccine with Publix on Jan. 21, 2021. “CBS News states, referring to federal programs targeting the long-term care community. “As a result, the governor’s comments about CVS and Walgreens were not included in the original broadcast.”

DeSantis’ omission has led to accusations of deceptive corrections to drive the narrative. “Pay to play”

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DeSantis explained to Alfonsi that Walgreens and CVS are focused on the long-term care community to vaccinate older adults, while Publix “raises its hand” first to continue its vaccine rollout.

Jared Moskowitz, Florida’s director of emergency management, said he told “60 Minutes” that Publix’s story was “bulls —“.

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