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CBS To Broadcast Masters After Encouraging Companies To ‘Fight’ Georgia Voting Law

As with every year since 1956, CBS will broadcast The Masters golf tournament from Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia this coming weekend, prompting some to accuse the network of hypocrisy after encouraging companies to “fight” with Georgia New Election Law

Late Friday, CBS News published a headline in the first episode: “Three ways companies can help fight Georgia’s tough new voting laws.” How can companies put political pressure on Georgia Republicans over voting reform?

After criticizing the nature of the editorial, CBS quietly changed the headlines to read: “Activists have urged big companies to challenge new voting laws. This is what they want.”


Georgia law has made widespread changes to the electoral process, imposing certain restrictions and rules on non-voting while extending early voting days. Opponents said the law was in response to widespread false claims of voter fraud after President Biden won Georgia in 2020. Crow, Biden and other Democrats.

CBS News explodes for ‘DEM ACTIVISM’ with reports on ‘3 Ways Companies Can Help to Fight’ Georgia’s Election Law.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced Friday that this year’s All-Star games will not be played at Truist Park, home to Atlanta Braces Coca-Cola and Georgia-based Delta Airlines, has released a public statement against. The law was swiftly condemned by Georgia’s Republican government, Brian Kemp.

The MLB’s decision was backed by former President Barack Obama. But some critics are wondering if CBS should choose to air the upcoming Masters, Georgia’s most famous sports program.

CRITICS SLAM MLB Decides To Move All Star Game Over Georgia Voting Law: ‘This Is Pure Innocence’

“Don’t stop there,” tweeted media critic and former CNN producer Steve Krakauer. “How dare CBS broadcast live from Georgia next week … The teacher must move from Georgia and change the name immediately, otherwise. CBS must not broadcast President Obama, how can we agree with that? “

Conservative website Federalist also requires CBS to look after profits.

“Even the article warned Georgia-headquartered and operating companies not to donate money to candidates supporting election reform. ‘Spread awareness’ and ‘fight for federal law’ that would eliminate the possibility of altering future elections.The CBS did not signal any intent to engage in sanctions by its own states. The website wrote.

Unusually for high-profile sporting events, Augusta National Golf Club is giving CBS a television contract for the Masters annually for a small fee.In a 2015 Golf Digest article, sources told the publication the club could make more than 100. Millions of dollars if the contract is open to public auction process.


Biden supports the removal of the All-Star Games from Atlanta. But when asked by Fox News on Monday if he would support a professor’s move from Georgia, White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to respond directly.

The Masters are generally considered the first major championship of the golf season, and winning the green jacket is the sport’s most valuable achievement. This tournament is often the most-watched golf tournament of the year, when Tiger Woods won the fifth Masters in 2019, the live finale had almost 11 million viewers.

Last year’s experts were postponed from a typical day in April through November due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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ESPN will broadcast the race on Thursday and Friday and told Fox News there were no plans to skip coverage to protest the law.

“The event is happening and we are broadcasting it live. If the event is endorsed, we will cover them in our sports coverage,” ESPN spokesman Andy Hall told Fox.

CBS did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report.

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