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Change ‘calm’ to ‘frenzied’ with Animal Crossing’s fast-running scene – Features.

Animal crossing new leaf© Nintendo

There’s a whole generation of players who keep loving memories of dipping their hairless toes into the coarse sand of Animal crossing: new leafThe beach is warm, calm, and the villagers call your slow-built townhome. The game is a beacon of creativity where you can let the whistling of ocean waves and the sound of crickets and wild animal chirps wash you. It was, and still, the perfect name for pampering after a long day, and that calmness has led to a loop on the switch. New Horizons.

Yet there are still those who choose to forgo that world of joy and sweetness in favor of the adrenaline and sweat produced by the sprint. It̵

7;s understandable for most games with a large group of players trying to shake hands at one another’s time – shaving off a few seconds of cheering at the festivities – but usually with the final goal. That is clear and defined thinking Mario KartPixel perfect race tracks, jump off the map to reach the right spot. There is often something less stringent that non-speed players can choose to shave off as well. Something for both parties

Animal Crossing doesn’t have that. The game is an open sandbox dedicated to doing what you want at your own pace, steady or otherwise, enjoying a small world where you hatch and raise. As a result, the speedrunner in New Leaf has to set their own parameters, for example ‘First Debt Cleared’, where they try to get enough money in the quickest possible time to repay their home loan. They

“When the game came out in 2013, I went in and played it casually,” Canadian streamer Nick tells us. “I love playing the game the same. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series, and New Leaf should have it. It’s my favorite game ever. ”Casual gameplay didn’t last long. Three years later, Nick entered the speedrunning community, with (earlier this year) taking the top spot for clearing the first debt.

No time to sit still
No time to sit still (Image: Nintendo)

Nick was able to pay off his first home debt in just seven minutes and 36 seconds, dropping the world record by six seconds. The pain of dedication and the thrill of hitting the record was all over his face throughout the final moments of his effort until everything had slipped off and real encouragement was seen as he raised his hand in the air and started shouting. With joy …

But let’s go back The ending is one of the explosive overtones. But getting there requires a lot of luck. Still, you have to know what you are doing to avoid wasting precious time.

In games powered by RNG, the best way to cut down on my time is to get more luck.

“This category is completely inaccurate,” says Nick, explaining how Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s First Debt really worked. [to use glitches] Because it is very straightforward In games powered by RNG [Random Number Generation]The best way to cut my time is more luck. “

“The run goes like this: get off the train, talk to Isabel or Nook to put up a house, plant the town trees, buy a shovel and get a money stone. Try or find a map where trees and plaza cities are closer to each other.Another stupid technique that sounds silly is to press and hold the ‘R’ key while reading the text, which will make it noticeably faster and without. Runner Really used it until golderzoa, a former WR holder and a pioneer. “

Watch his record breaking video. (Check it out below, although be warned for strong language.) You may have noticed a little weird about the English speaker Nick’s text, playing in Korean, and with a lot of speedy runs a little more technical. We think this is one of them. It turns out that the text scrolls faster in Korean and that time increases – but playing Korean games is one of the few reliable strategies to speed up.

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