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Chaos after Argentinian president says ‘Brazil comes from the jungle’ | Argentina

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina It has sparked a Twitter storm and debate over regional races, with erroneous views on Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez seeking to strengthen ties between the South American nation with Europe.

“Mexicans come from Indians. Brazilians come from the forest. But we Argentines come from boats. And they are ships from Europe,” Fernandez said of the large number of European immigrants arriving in the country. He later apologized for the comments and said the diversity of his country was something to be proud of.

Fernandez appears to have used the phrase from a song by local musician Lito Nebbia, which the president has declared himself an admirer on more than one occasion.

The comments sparked a strong response on social media. Many have criticized middle-left leaders for their feelings of racial apathy.

“I didn’t mean to offend anyone. in any case Anyone who is offended or can’t see I’m sorry,” he said on Twitter.

Brazilian media released a statement on Fernandez on Wednesday. And many people on social media joked that President Jair Right-wing Bolsonaro will enjoy a return to the Argentine left-wing leader. which they hadn’t seen each other all along

Eduardo Bolsonaro, Member of Parliament and son of the President of Brazil condemned such comments as “Racist” and retaliating in Argentina over its economic downturn since 2018

“I said the sinking ship was from Argentina,” he posted on Twitter.

Netizens on YouTube posted replies under videos expressing their anger or frustration.

“Excuse me, my Mexican and Brazilian friends. On behalf of all Argentines We are so ashamed Do you know how much we love you? Including your country and traditions,” said one user, Barbara Bonjovanni.

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