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Chauncey Billups’ Frustration May Push Damian Lillard to Knicks

So much for Damian Lillard’s initial support of the Trail Blazers hiring Chauncey Billups as their head coach.

A Yahoo Sports Sunday article, written by Lillard’s confidant Chris Haynes, said Lillard had never recommended Billups as an employer and had no idea about the rape allegations made against Billups two decades ago.

Lillard has received social media backlash that he began hiring Billups, who concluded a five-year deal on Sunday, according to ESPN.

Hallabalu was able to push Lillard “out the door” with his doubts about whether the Blazers could make a title team, according to Haynes. Lillard originally stated on social media that he liked Jason Kidd. which is the product of his friend in Auckland. Got the job before Kidd withdrew his name and eventually got the Dallas Mavericks.

The Knicks are monitoring Lillard̵

7;s situation to see if he will request a swap. Lillard is the Knicks’ top choice for a new pointguard, according to sources. The Knicks are likely to be involved with three first-round picks in any deal.

Chaunsey Billups;  Damien Lillard
Chaunsey Billups; Damien Lillard
A.P., Getty

last saturday In response to a tweet criticizing him for hiring Billups, Lillard said he was not “aware” of the 1997 sexual harassment allegations. Teammate Ron Mercer was accused of Woman sexually misconduct at home of former Boston striker Antoine Walker

Lillard wrote, “Really? I was asked which coaches I liked the names I “hear” and I named them. Sorry, I don’t know their history. I didn’t read the news at 7/8 years old. I don’t support those things … but if it’s the path you’ve taken me… say less.”

No criminal charges were filed, and Mercer and Bill Up settled a civil lawsuit against the accusers without payment three years later. Walker also settled a lawsuit against the accusers, who said Walker had fallen. Failure to prevent alleged rape

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