We’re fast approaching Samsung’s usual late summer to announce a new flagship device, but this year the Galaxy Z-series we’re expecting to see instead of the Note refresh both the Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 through the FCC last week. It reveals stylus support for the latter. However, if you wait and see what the next foldable flip from Samsung will look like. A new render has leaked, showing the phone from every angle.

This leak comes courtesy of GizNext, which shows almost every aspect of the Z Flip3, although only four models are on display here. But the website expects to come in eight different colors: green, purple, black, white, pink, dark blue, gray and beige (as opposed to both yellow and white). But it makes it easy for you to find something that fits your tastes.

The device uses the same 6.7-inch internal display as the original Z Flip, with a very high 25:9 aspect ratio. The external display may not be as large as the one in the Z Fold2, but at 1

.9 inches, it’s a significant step up from the first model. Two lenses are placed next to the external display. While the selfie camera is hidden beneath the internal screen, the Z Flip3 reportedly uses the Snapdragon 888, although we’ll have to wait to learn other specs like RAM and battery capacity.

While we may not know all the details about Samsung’s next foldable device, these leaks haven’t left much of the imagination. It’s a good-looking phone that’s an evolution of last year’s Z Flip, albeit a more affordable one on the air. The GizNext leak has pegged a price of $1,400, a far cry from this month’s report that hinted at lower costs for both of this year’s foldable phones. If you’re lucky, Samsung will find a way to lower that number before it. It will be available in stores later this year.