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Cheney-McCarthy’s fissure opened.

McCarthy, who believes impeachment is bad for the country and will continue to create divisions, has taken behind the government’s attacks by speaking privately to GOP members and the president.

In the meantime, Cheney has taken a different path in response to the public and forthright to the central agency riots, possibly a defining moment in future races for speakers or leaders. Minority

But Cheney made it clear that her decision to drop the prosecution was not political. And in fact, it could hurt her if the GOP didn’t fully deport Trump from the party. The president continues to make fierce support among conservative grassroots. She is facing multiple demands at the House GOP to avoid her leadership position.

Still, Cheney personally told colleagues she wanted to be in the rightful side of history, according to the source, and framed it as. “Voting of conscience”


In the lead-up to the impeachment vote, Cheney became the highest-ranking Republican in support of Trump’s removal from inciting militants to attack the City Hall. Three other Republicans Rep. Adam Kinsinger of Illinois, Fred Upton of Michigan and John Catco of New York also left weight behind the impeachment of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. It also told colleagues that he believed Trump had committed an irreparable offense, POLITICO confirmed.

In the three-paragraph statement, Cheney did not hold back: “There has never been more betrayal of the US presidency and the constitutional oath.”

Cheney also took full responsibility for the attacks on Trump’s central agency, saying he “summoned” the mob and “set the fire of the attack” and without him the bloody riots would not have happened. up

“Everything that follows is his doing,” Cheney continued. “The president can intervene to stop the violence immediately and with his strength.”

But while Cheney’s impeachment stance may have earned her admiration in some corners of the convention, everyone was upset: House Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), One of the protagonists of the president’s winning challenge. Appointed by Joe Biden, who was called when Cheney resigned from her leadership position.

“She shouldn’t be serving the meeting,” Biggs told reporters in the capital Tuesday. “That’s it.” Freedom Caucus once cost McCarthy at the expense of speaker and conservatism, still influencing House GOP.

Signs of Cheney’s likely impeachment vote were popping up everywhere in the days before her announcement. In the aftermath of the City Hall blockade, she blamed Trump on Trump’s shoulder: “There is no question the president has raised the mob, the president has said to the mob, he set fire,” she said.

Cheney was in talks with Democrats as they were held in a safe room amid the riots, according to lawmakers. And other sources said she had received heavy punishment in recent days.

Then, at a GOP conference call on Monday, the first entire conference since the riot, Cheney did not say how she intends to vote. But she urged her colleagues “Vote your conscience,” and she reiterated that this Not a political vote

It is not clear how many Republicans will follow Cheney’s path. But more is expected to follow, a sign of her growing influence on the party. Her stance was also of the political importance of Republicans.

“It’s fitting for her to respect her oath,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, McCarthy grappled with the response to his attack. While he remains opposed to the lawsuit, Assistant insists on POLITICO that McCarthy is open to a less harsh option to blame. The idea gained traction at the GOP meeting, but Democrats insisted it did not go far enough to condemn Trump for his role in Wednesday’s deadly incident and would not be voted on. From the floor

In another signal that McCarthy was still trying to figure out his next steps, he also asked Republicans whether he should ask Trump to resign, according to one GOP member that details. First reported by The New York Times.

The source said McCarthy did not force members how they would vote on the prosecution. Doing so will certainly make a comeback when Republicans grapple with how to respond to the crisis.

But California Republicans have criticized Trump more, especially as anger and displeasure increase in the House GOP McCarthy ranking and his top runner-up, Steve Scales. The minors (R-La.) Faced backlash from within the conference how they handled the blockade and continued to oppose Biden’s endorsement of Electoral College, despite the deadly riots. Scalise also disagreed. With litigation

While McCarthy quickly condemned the violence and begged Trump to issue a tougher statement telling the rioters to stand, GOP leaders waited days before personally blaming Trump at the conference. The telephone said the president was responsible for the rebellion. That put the life of lawmakers in danger

McCarthy also told colleagues on Monday night that he asked Trump to congratulate Biden, who was the first time he encouraged the president to expand an olive branch to an incoming administration. come

McCarthy had previously made a calculated call to join Trump, with some Republicans saying he won a seat in the 2020 House of Commons, a sign that the party stuck to Trump. Trump is the way to win the award back in 2022.

But, as some Republicans have noted, the approach means the House GOP is inextricably linked with Trump, although he has plunged the country into chaos.

In addition to McCarthy’s misery, more and more donors, organizations and business groups are returning political donations to members who vote against endorsement, putting McCarthy’s other strength – funding – in jeopardy.

In the meantime, Cheney has repeatedly challenged Trump. She separates from other GOP leaders, who have been indifferent to their criticism and at times pushing the president’s behavior publicly.

At one point in the last year, Cheney’s political potential seemed to burn after the House Freedom Caucus group approached her in July over criticism of the president, her support of Anthony Fauci and the support of key opponents. At the Challenge of Agent Thomas Massy (R-Ky.)

Some conservatives spoke of recruiting someone to challenge her to chair the convention. But it didn’t work. Cheney was unanimously elected to another term of leadership.

McCarthy’s stance put him in direct conflict with McConnell, his GOP partner in the Capitol.

McConnell personally relayed that he was happy that Democrats were moving forward with plans to remove the unpredictable president from office as Senate leaders believed this would clean up the GOP of the United States. Trump

McCarthy and McConnell also dealt with electoral objections completely differently.While McConnell urged Senate Republicans not to challenge Biden’s 2020 win endorsement, most McCarthy remained silent before he was Join the majority of Republicans in the House of Commons to oppose the college ballot. In fact, POLITICO reports that even before Wednesday’s vote, McCarthy advises new GOP students on the challenge of the election to support.

Contrary to McConnell, who described his vote to certify as the “most important vote” he has ever had, McCarthy opted to move forward hours after the violence unfolded around the Capitol building, which left his colleagues. Many of the Republicans were upset.

As Trump’s second impeachment hearing begins, the Senate will have another chance to prevent Trump from serving in public office. Some Republicans may see an opportunity.

Mitch McConnell looked at the long-term party and [he and Cheney] Take the call, ”said one GOP lawmaker,” and I think many members are concerned that neither McCarthy nor Scalise did. “

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