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Cheney: Trump incites January 6 riots ‘most dangerous thing’ the president has done

“I’m shocked, can’t think of any reason for doing so,” Cheney said of McCarthy’s visit to Trump during an episode of David Axelrod’s podcast “The Axelrod,” which was taped. On Saturday afternoon, as part of the University of Chicago Alumni Weekend event, “and I asked him why he did that. And he said, um, he’s just in the neighborhood.”
Republicans ousted Cheney from her leadership last month over her refusal to admit Trump’s lies that he won the election. This was McCarthy’s backing ousting. Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, had several arguments with McCarthy. which tried to adapt to Trump and later the Republican base. which enters the mid-term of 2022
Cheney’s remarks on Saturday underscored her determination to condemn Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud and the defining nature of the riots. despite losing her leadership position above her Trump continued to lie about Saturday night’s election when speaking to the Republican Party of North Carolina. It undermines Republican hopes that he wants him to focus on tighter policies as Republicans commit crimes in 2022.

“As I said I think the McDonald’s thing Trump has done the most dangerous thing. It is the most serious oath violation to the presidency in our history,” Cheney said on Saturday. Republican leaders in the House of Commons will be at Mar-a-Lago. as you know begged him to go back into the pen or whatever it’s what he does For me it is inexcusable.”

Cheney also compared Trump’s rhetoric to the Chinese Communist Party’s remarks. He argued that his pointed suspicions about the federal electoral system matched the efforts of American democratic discrediting groups.

“When you listen to Donald’s words trump now When you hear the language he is using now That is the same as what the Chinese Communist Party, for example, talks about the United States and our democracy,” she said.

“When he said our system was not working … when he suggested that the will of the people cannot be conveyed. Either way it fails — that’s what the Chinese government is saying about us,” Cheney continued. “And it is very dangerous and dangerous … and it is not true.”

McCarthy changed his stance on Trump’s responsibility for the Jan. 6 riots that left more than 100 police officers injured. Suspends counting of the Congressional Electoral College for more than five hours. and forcing lawmakers to lock down when Trump-supporting rioters invade. US Capitol Police A week after the riots, McCarthy said that while he did not support the Trump condemnation, he was “responsible for Wednesday’s attacks on Congress by rioters.”
But about two weeks later California Republicans visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where the two Republicans discussed strategies for winning a majority in the House mid-term next year. According to a reading of the meeting data provided by Trump’s political action committee, Save America CNN reported at the time that Trump was focusing his political energies on targeting Cheney.
in May McCarthy announced her opposition to the creation of a party committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attacks, a failed attempt in the Senate that month when Senate Republicans blocked the attack.
Meanwhile, McCarthy supported Cheney in her first presidential vote in February after she voted for Trump. Their relationship collapsed as Cheney continued to speak out against former President McCarthy’s capture of the GOP, backing her opponent, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who ultimately defeated Cheney in a vote for the House Republican chairman. last month

CNN’s Hannah Rabinowitz, Marshall Cohen, Jeremy Herb, Michael Warren, Devon M. Sayers, Jamie Gangel, Ryan Nobles, Manu Raju, Annie Greyer and Lauren Fox contributed to this report.

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