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Cheri Bustos, who led Democrats through a tumultuous 2020 election, announced his resignation.

“As I turn around every decade of my life, I take time to reflect and evaluate what my next chapter will lead to,” Bustos said in a statement. “That’s how 10 years ago I decided to run for the election. Congress And that’s why today I announced that I will not be looking for an alternative after this semester. ”

Republican The controversy quickly said retirement was a sign of Democrats’ nervousness going into a tough midterm elections where the GOP would have to get a few seats to take back the majority. But Democrats have pushed back, saying Bustos is not predicting the wave of retirement.

Bustos represents the northwestern Illinois district that has shifted to the right since former President Barack Obama won in 201

2. Former President Donald Trump narrowly won her district twice.

Bustos also won another selection at a narrower-than-expected 2020 margin, beating her GOP challenger Esther Joy King by about four points in the race, a primary target of Republican campaigners. Together, reflecting surprisingly tight margins across many races, especially in rural areas across the country, King, the military’s reserve, has opened a second auction.

Bustos did not say what she would do next, although she said in a video statement, “My goal is always to think big,” and “Later, I will share more about where to take me” before. Signaling interest in the Senate bid, although it is unclear when the seats will open in her home state, Democrat Tammy Dougworth is down. Running for re-election in 2022 and Sen. Dick Durbin, a senior Democrat’s lawmaker, is not. In another ballot until 2026

Bustos’ retirement makes Durbin the only Illinois Democrat from outside the Chicago area. Delegates from the party’s congress were increasingly concentrated across cities and suburbs, while other parts of the state had shifted to the right.

Republicans quickly mocked Bustos’s announcement, with a spokesperson for the Republican National Campaign Committee saying she “made the right decision to retire rather than face a setback in 2022. ”

Friday’s announcement quickly raised questions about what the Illinois re-county assignment means as the state will lose one of 18 seats in parliament next year.

Springfield Democrats will draw new maps ahead of next year’s main deadline and continue to hope to expand their horizons in the state.

Bustos and fellow Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood hold two of the most competitive districts on the current map. But Democrats managed to land Underwood by taking the outskirts of Chicagoland eastward and leaving Bustos’ district to the west a battlefield.

Pulling the Rockford City and Peoria bag democracy out of Bustos to protect Underwood will make her district indisputable. Leaving it fairly complete would allow Democrats to continue to compete there, even if they were deprived of prestigious incumbents.

Democrats hope to connect Rodney Davis’ Springfield GOP agent with GOP Rep. Mike Bost’s democracy, leaving Davis, Bost and GOP freshman Rep. Friendly with two Republicans in the southern half of the state.

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