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Cheyenne Tribal Council member was severely beaten but ‘will fight for justice’, says her father.

Father of an elected member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council in Montana. which was beaten and left to die said on Friday that Whoever attacked his daughter did not violate her will.

The 24-year-old Silver Little Eagle was found earlier this month in the Billings hotel room.

“She is still strong. She must fight for justice,” her father Goldstein Little Eagle said. She is recuperating and is recovering.”

The MPs were elected in November to represent the Lame Deer district, her father said.

A relative of Silver Little Eagle said in a statement on May 20 that her injuries were severe.

“The Silver Little Eagle was brutally attacked in Billings, Montana and left to die,” the statement said. There is a high probability that she will die from this violent attack.”

While the Silver Little Eagle̵

7;s identity was not confirmed, Police Billings said this week in a statement that the female victim was found in a room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the morning of May 16. Personal belongings were missing and her car was stolen, police said.

Police said they also received reports that the 31-year-old “was attacked at the same time and place as the female victim”.

Investigators found no evidence. That shows the Silver Little Eagle attack involved human trafficking or was racially motivated, police said.

no one was arrested But police said they wanted to talk to two women, aged 25 and 27, who were identified as A woman apparently knew the man who had been attacked. The investigating officer said

“It is believed that there is a partner family relationship between a 31-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman of interest,” police said in a statement. and believe that crime is not a random act of violence.”

A department spokesman did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Friday.

Goldstein Little Eagle said he expected police would eventually arrest several suspects or suspects.

“The inspectors are working hard. And we are keeping up to date with them,” he said. “They will make sure they have everything they need to collect before the next very important step.”

Goldstein Little Eagle said he couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt his daughter. which he describes as “A generous spirit” before the elections for the tribal council She has given treatment to tribal members who are sick with COVID-19. She often helps feed the elderly, he said.

“She just cares deeply about her Cheyenne people,” he said.

He said his daughters now have a new mission: empower Native American women to endure violence.

“There are too many indigenous women when this happens. It will be thrown under the carpet,” Goldstein Little Eagle said. “What I saw from her story was that it would help someone. will help others.”

The Silver Little Eagle raid was a “painful reminder again” of the rate of violence against indigenous women in Montana. Her family said in a statement.

“We recognize that behind these statistics are real women – sisters, daughters, mothers and tribal leaders!” it said. “Indigenous women continue to face violence. And this must stop!”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using 2018 data from the National Vital Statistics System, said homicide is the sixth leading cause of death among American Indian and Alaska Native women between the ages of 1 and 44.

A family statement said the Silver Little Eagle was the victim of harassment. cyberbullying and defamation since the attack

Her father said she was no longer online. But she said in a Facebook post before the attack that in a time of cruelty and hatred, prayer, sympathy. and mercy will prevail.

“That hurts me,” her father said in a hoarse voice. “She was hit hard.”

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