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Chicago Bears UDFA News and Rumor tracker

Now that the 2021 NFL Draft is complete, 32 teams will be working on completing their offseason roster, choosing through an undrafted free agent class.

With limited bonus funds for UDFAs, agents and players will occasionally hit rumors to spark interest. So keep in mind that we’ll be seeing a lot of leaks on social media about players singing with the team. But until the team officially announces the signing, don’t treat it as a final deal.

We’re going to be over all of the Chicago Bears here all weekend.

UDFA news and rumor tracker

  • Charles Snowden, Virginia border, signed for the Bears (link)

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draft class.

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We will do our best to follow the tracker. But news will come soon! Make sure you guys link the rumors you come across in the comments section below.Plus, our guy Aaron Leming will be following him with Google Docs, where you can access his Twitter here.

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