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China removes post mimicking India’s COVID-19 tragedy: report

The report said social media posts by the Communist Party of China Central Political and Legal Commission faced a deadly backlash that appeared to mock the COVID-19 crisis in India.

The Bloomberg news agency reported that the post, later deleted, showed a recent rocket launch in China next to what appeared to be a cremation worker in India. The report said the post was on the commission’s official Weibo account, and it reads. “China set fire and India set fire”

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The post was later deleted.

China’s foreign ministry told a news website that it hopes “Everyone will pay attention to the Chinese government and the mainstream public opinion supporting India̵

7;s fight against the epidemic.”

The editor of the trend-following website on Weibo told Bloomberg that she doesn’t believe there is. “Consensus on this post, otherwise it won’t be quickly removed”

On Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping offered India additional assistance in combating the country’s epidemic. He said China was willing to provide additional support and assistance because “Humanity is a community of shared destiny that shares pain and disaster, and it is only through unity and cooperation that nations of the world can finally overcome the epidemic.”

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Chinese media said the first 25,000 oxygen concentrators pledged to travel to India in India had arrived in the country. The report said China had delivered 5,000 ventilators and 21,000 oxygen generators.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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