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China sees the threat of COVID-19 increasing as cities are blocked.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has the largest daily increase in COVID cases in more than five months, despite the shutdown of four cities, increased testing and other measures to prevent another wave of contagion in a growing economy. Second largest in the world

Most of the new cases were reported near the capital Beijing. But the northeastern province of China has also seen an increase of new cases, official data showed Wednesday, amid a recovery that found more than 28 million people quarantined at home.

The National Health Commission said in a statement that 115 new confirmed cases were reported in the mainland, compared with 55 previously confirmed cases. It was the highest daily increase since July 30.

The commission said 1

07 of the new cases were local infections. Hebei, the province surrounding Beijing, has killed 90, while the northeastern province of Heilongjiang has 16 new cases.

The rapid rise in new cases comes as a team of WHO researchers examining the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic will arrive in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the disease was once occurring. First in late 2019 on Thursday

Many people are still unaware of its origins, and China is sensitive to suspicions of concealment that delay the initial response and allow the virus to spread. Health experts at the WHO said earlier that expectations should be “very low” for the team to draw conclusions from their trip to China.


Hebei has designated three cities, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Langfang, as part of an effort to prevent the virus from spreading, while Beijing’s politics have stepped up screening and prevention measures. To prevent other groups from developing there

On Wednesday, Heilongjiang Province declared a state of emergency from COVID-19 in Suihua, which borders the capital city of Harbin, blocking 5.2 million people.

Most of the cases in Heilongjiang were found in Wang Gui County, which is under the jurisdiction of Suihua, which was closed earlier this week.

Tieli, a city with some 300,000 people bordering the Suihua border, said on Wednesday it would not allow people or vehicles to leave for three days as part of a new COVID-19 protection measure.

China’s state planning agency said it expected next month’s Lunar New Year travel to be significantly lower than usual, with more people using cars instead of other forms of transport, with many provinces asking migrant workers to stop. Travel during the break

The number of new asymptomatic cases, which China did not classify as confirmed cases, fell to 38 from 81 per day previously, seven were reported in Jilin, the northeastern prefecture. Another adjacent to Heilongjiang province, emphasizing the risk of spreading to different parts of the country.

The total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in mainland China are now 87,706, while the death toll remains unchanged at 4,634.

(Reporting by Jing Wang and Emily Chow in Shanghai and Liangping Gao and Lusha Zhang in Beijing, writing by Se Young Lee, editing by Christian Schmollinger and Michael Perry)

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