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China Simmons condemns ‘retarded’ politicians for asking the Forest Service to change the moon’s orbit to fight climate change.

Gene Simmons blasts 'retarded' politician who asks Forest Service to change lunar orbit to fight climate change

kiss bass/singer Gene Simmons Has blamed a Texas politician for linking the moon to Earth’s orbit and solar flares and climate change.

On Tuesday, MPs Louis GomertA Texas Republican asked representatives from the US Forest Service if it was possible to change the moon or Earth’s orbit to combat climate change.

During a televised meeting of the National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Committee of the National Resources Board Gohmert addressed to Jennifer AberlineThe deputy director-general of the National Forest Service, he said: “I understand from what I have been given to the Royal Forest Department and (Bureau of Land Management) you really want to work on climate change.”

; that he understands he NASAThe data shows the orbits of the Earth and Moon. “A little change,” he asked. “So is there anything the Forest Service or the BLM could do to change the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun,” he asked. “It would certainly have a profound impact on our climate.”

Aberline paused before answering. “I must follow you on that matter. Mr Gomert

“Yes, if you think of a way that you in the Forest Service can change that, I want to know.” Gohmert say.

earlier today Simmons share Yahoo! news article about GohmertComments And he included the following: “Please forgive my language, what an Effin Moron…Texas Republican. Gohmert It is recommended to change the moon’s orbit to combat climate change.”

GohmertOutspoken opponents of Democrats’ plans to fight climate change responded to backlash in Twitter By pointing out that the trial on Tuesday “It’s about the Bureau of Land Management and Climate Change.”

in the past, Gohmert Has said repeatedly that he does not believe climate change is a man-made problem.

“We can’t do anything material about climate change right now. When the moon’s orbit appears to have partially changed. The Earth’s orbit is also partially changing. NASAhe said Fox network last month



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