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China’s extensive coverage of the Miami condo collapse in Miami speaks to its own priorities.

The partial collapse of a residential building in Surfside, Florida has drawn widespread attention in China. Images of rescuers sweeping through the wreckage were prominently featured in state media and nightly news programs.

But amid intense focus on the tragedy that unfolds in the United States, Many Chinese Internet users have questioned why violent incidents at home receive little media coverage and little attention on social media.

in the morning of friday A fire broke out at a martial arts school in central Henan province, killing 18 students, most of them children. and 16 others were injured, according to local government statements and state media reports.

Such a loss of life under normal circumstances would be a great tragedy that both shock and tragedy to the nation. Dominate the headlines and social media for days.

But with the important centenary of the Communist Party in the next few days Such harrowing news is the last thing the party̵

7;s propaganda tool wants to highlight. At least not when it happened in China.

In Weibo, China’s heavily censored version of Twitter. An angry user commented, asking why the fire didn’t rank among the 50 most popular topics of the day. It alleged that some censors suppressed the conversation and prevented the news from reaching it.
“Why has the mass casualties not become a trending topic? Is it because the party’s 100th anniversary doesn’t allow negative news?” one user asked.

in the state media as well. Fire reporting is still limited. Most of the stores share some of the syndicated news, mostly from official statements by local authorities.

Firefighters investigate a fire at a martial arts school in China's Henan on June 25.
Many point to the contrast with the expansive and highly emotional coverage of the collapsed condo near Miami. This has been the most popular topic on Weibo for days.

comparative silence all around The bonfire indicates intense and widespread control by government censorship ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party, which falls on July 1.

In the past, Chinese authorities have added “stabilization” is regularly doubled before important anniversaries. Rapid sound sensors and suppression of events deemed inconsistent with “positive energy” before the celebration.

But the level of caution for the centenary has already reached a new height.

two weeks before the anniversary Chinese officials held a high-level meeting and pledged “Will not try to create safety in production. firmly dispel all kinds of accidents and create a safe and stable atmosphere for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

For this reason, local authorities are at risk. Some agencies may temporarily suspend risky industries.

In Hubei, all coal mines were reportedly suspended from June 15 to July 5 after a gas pipeline exploded. 25 people killed on June 13 in neighboring Jiangxi province. Five coal mines were closed from June 21 to July 4, according to Bloomberg.

Florida disaster gives Chinese propagandists an opportunity to weaken the image of the United States. that has deteriorated twice

in the column titled “After the Miami condo collapse, will the US resolve the responsibility of the collapsed officer?” Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said the disaster showed. “USA’s ability to assist In an emergency situation is much worse than people think.”

around asia

  • Indonesia and the United States has pioneered a new $3.5 million marine training center in the strategic area of ​​Batam in the Riau Islands Indonesia’s maritime security agency said.
  • The Malaysian government’s task force has proposed amendments to the Shariah law that would allow action against social media users for insulting Islam and “Promoting LGBT lifestyles”
  • Meanwhile, in China, a skull hidden under a well for more than 80 years may have been an early new human species. what researchers call “Dragon Man”

Tesla’s massive China recall marks another ‘black cloud’

Tesla’s poor run in China is much worse.

on saturday Elon Musk’s electric car maker has begun recalling more than 285,000 vehicles in the country due to safety risks. Chinese regulators say the cruise control on some models can be activated when the driver accidentally tries to shift gears or touches the gear lever. resulting in accidental acceleration

Tesla apologized for Saturday’s recall, adding in a statement that “Will strictly comply with national regulations and improve our security protection.”

But it’s not a good image of the company. It is already facing a difficult year in China. The company was recently the target of protests at China’s largest auto show in Shanghai. by Tesla owners who complained about problems with their cars Regulators have also questioned the quality of Tesla’s Shanghai-made Model 3. And there were reports of tensions between the Chinese military and the company.

Daniel Ives, managing director of stock research at Wedbush Securities, called the incident an “extraordinary breakthrough”. A clear “dark period” for Tesla After all the negative publicity the company has faced recently.

But we believe this overall situation is a roadblock. and does not disrupt Tesla’s short-term or long-term bull thesis,” he wrote in a note to customers Sunday. “however in the future There has to be a smoother road in the safety of autonomous driving, otherwise the PR black cloud will continue.”

— — by Philip Wang and Michelle Toh

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