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China’s space station means an overhaul in a new battle for the galaxy … and, like on Earth, Beijing worries America – RT Op-ed

Joe Biden’s predictions about the technology war with Beijing will take place in space. And while building a new space station and other successful missions shows, China is intent on winning the strategic battle.

On Thursday, China sent the core module of the first space station Tianhe, or ‘Harmony of the Heavens’, into orbit. It has been in development for a long time and marks a big breakthrough in the country’s space program.

A series of follow-up missions will try to assemble a new station that could become the world’s only one as the International Space Station will likely be phased out in the coming years. Ironically, Tianhe’s debut comes a decade after Barack Obama̵

7;s administration sidelined Beijing from participating in the ISS, an event that undoubtedly spurred development.

The mission is another sign that even a late beginner. But China is fast chasing the US into space, with the Chang’e-5 project successfully bringing the rock samples back from the moon at the end of 2020, of course, this week Joe Biden framed the situation between Washington and Beijing:Race to win the 21st centuryAnd technology wars will be a big part of the story, with the president also vowing to maintain America’s northern power in this area. Obviously, this has to do with space.

China’s space ambitions are just the beginning. Beijing only sent the first astronauts into space in 2003.On the other hand, the next week marks the 60th anniversary since the US sent Alan Shepherd into space. Despite the large gap But the Beijing space program is going at a tremendous speed. In the coming months, China will land on Mars, coinciding with America’s success in 2019.The country becomes the first country to land on the far side of the moon. It is now planning another 2024 Chang’e-6 lunar mission, aiming to land at the Moon’s South Pole. This was designed to pave the way for a future lunar base, one signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia to create it.

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You might be wondering why this happened so quickly. Is Beijing competing in space due to its ideological pride and prestige, or has a grand strategic goal in hand? To fully answer this question, it is important to understand that the first space race was humanity’s ‘baby step’ into the universe, at the heart of the battle between the United States and the Soviet Union.

However, speaking of the lunar base, which NASA is also planning, indicates this space race is about creating the first human presence by adding military, economic and strategic dynamics to the equation. The stakes have been higher, which explains the recent US and UK decision to form a ‘Space Commands’.

The UK Government website gives us a clue as to where this is headed: “Our assured space and access are the basis of military operations. The loss or disruption of the space domain will affect our ability to perform most defense missions and have the potential to have a significant impact on civil, commercial and economic activities. Opponent threats in this rapidly evolving operating domain are real and here to stay.& rdquo;

Space is the new and unknown frontier of the world.It is once again at the center of the geopolitical battle between the United States and other powers seen as vying for world domination. Still, it won’t just be for show, as is the case with old space races. Instead, it will affect the balance of power between the two countries.

It was for this reason that the establishment of the Tianhe Space Station was a huge development. It will be a scientific property for China. It is also a strategy, and it is for this reason that the United States never wanted Beijing to be part of IS.

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Obama’s 2011 decision marked the beginning of the foreign policy logic in Washington that China is a competitor and should be developed in an attempt to separate it from strategic technology projects. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have taken the course very seriously, as evidenced by their treatment of Huawei. And yet, the ISS decision has been reversed, with China building its own space station and canceling it. ‘New space race’

China is pioneering a space program that is not only rapidly advancing. But success This almost gets NASA tested, and the competition we saw earlier is likely to broaden our perspective and understanding of the universe around us.

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