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China’s Zhurong Mars rover sends back new photos and videos

Tianwen-1, whose name translates to The “heavenly quest for truth” consists of a spaceship, a lander and a six-wheel rover carrying scientific instruments.

It successfully entered Mars orbit in February. It will take seven months to travel through space following its July 2020 launch.

in May The Zhurong rover takes off from the landing platform and onto the Martian surface. It is patrolling and exploring as part of a three-month mission on the Red Planet.

That success makes China second only to the United States. landing and operating a probe on Mars

“On the morning of June 27, the Tianwen-1 spacecraft had been in orbit for 338 days,” the CNSA said in a press release on Sunday.

“The ̵

6;Zhurong’ probe has been operating on the surface of Mars for 42 days and has a total travel distance of 236 meters.

“(They) report the safety from Mars to the Party and the Motherland. Sending blessings far away in the span of a hundred years (Communist Party of China)”

With Tianwen-1, China is the first country to attempt to send both a spacecraft and a probe to its country’s first Mars mission.

NASA sent several spacecraft to Mars before attempting a much more difficult mission to land the probe.

China just became the second country to pilot a rover on the Martian surface.

This is not the first time China has released images from the probe. The country also released images obtained during its mission earlier this month.

The CNSA hopes the mission will gather important information about Mars’ geological structure, atmosphere, environment and soil. and look for signs of water

China has an ambitious space sector and Tianwen-1 makes it the sixth country to reach Mars orbit.

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