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Chlorination of your pool can be difficult this summer.

– Major chlorine shortages occurred during pool season, according to CNN, a fire at a chemical plant in Louisiana caused by Hurricane Laura dipped a commonly used tablet to Make the basin clear and free from algae. The fires left only two domestic chlorine granular producers per CNBC, experts said, expecting higher chlorine prices and urging pool owners to not walk to their suppliers. Despite doubling the price of last year in some areas. But the situation is likely to get worse before it improves, CNBC reports that prices could rise up to 70 percent over the last year. In addition to the fire at BioLab near Lake Charles, demand for swimming pool equipment soared last year as a large outbreak forced tourists to take a vacation for entertainment at home.

What must the owner of the pool do? One option is saltwater pools, which rely on electrolysis to produce chlorine rather than tablets. UV, ozone or ionization systems can also be used, although some costs may be a taboo for some and most still rely on at least small amounts of chlorine. As pool owners are forced to conserve chlorine, experts call for a joint solution that includes maintenance of filter systems, keeping pets out of the water, and bathing before swimming. (Read more about Hurricane Laura)

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