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Chris Wallace Grills Joe Manchin Over ‘Innocent’ Hopes for Bipartisanship

  • Senator Joe Manchin reiterated his opposition to killing the opposition in controversial comments on Saturday.
  • On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace pressed Manchin in hopes of cooperation from both sides.
  • “Didn’t you authorize the Republican Party to intervene?” Wallace asked.
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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace presses Sen. Joe Manchin Sunday on strategy and hopes for bipartisanship in the Senate.

Democrats continue to show growing interest in eliminating the opposition. This is a rule that allows minority parties to block the measure from voting. But Manchin was one of the few who stood in the way of his colleagues̵

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West Virginia Democrats have repeatedly said he does not support eliminating the rule and instead prefers to pass the bill by consensus of both parties. He appeared on Fox News Sunday during which Wallace asked him about his stance.

“If you’re going to keep thinking that maybe you’ll vote to kill the opposition. Wouldn’t that really give the Republicans an incentive to negotiate?” Wallace asked, “taking it off the table. Aren’t you empowering the Republican Party to interfere?”

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Manchin disagreed, saying there was “Seven brave Republicans still vote for what they know is right and the facts they see,” and he believes there are still many who feel the same way. and added that he saw “Good sign”

Wallace pointed out that Republicans do not support a bipartisan committee on a study of the Jan. 6 Capitol uprising, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was “100%” focused. Go to Stop President Joe Biden.

“You’re not being naive about constantly talking about the cooperation of both parties, are you?” Wallace said.

“I’m not innocent. I think he is 100% wrong trying to block all the good we are trying to do for America,” Manchin replied, adding that he believed McConnell put politics before policy. “I will work with my friends. my next party And hopefully we can get more of them.”

The appearance stems from an op-ed comment written by the senator and published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail. Manchin used the piece to declare that he would not vote in favor of the Democratic Voting Rights Act. Crat, which is called the For the People Act, which calls it extreme partisans.

“Some Democrats have proposed repealing opposition rules in the Senate to pass the People’s Act with only democratic support. They are trying to devastate the opposition and conveniently ignore how important it is to protect the rights of former Democrats,” Manchin wrote.

The opposition is a protracted debate that a minority party can use to block the bill from voting. and ended with a majority vote of only 60 senators.

The Senate currently has a 50-50 split between Republicans and Democrats, with Vice President Kamala. Harris is a tie vote.

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