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Church and Irish state apologize at home, callous mothers and children | world news

The Catholic Church in the Irish and Irish states has issued a critical apology for operating and activating a network of religious institutions that brutally and humiliated unmarried mothers and children for the 20th century.

Government agency leader Michelle Al-Martin on Wednesday accepted responsibility and expressed remorse for the mother and child homes that turned generations of vulnerable women and babies into homeless.

All of Ireland̵

7;s Catholic priests, Emon Martin, brought statements from pastors and nuns apologizing for the church’s vital role in the dark Irish history.

The apology came on Tuesday to a long-awaited report by a judicial committee documenting harassment, inaction and callousness at the institution used as a littering facility for mothers who are not. Got married and their children

Some survivors and opposition politicians said the reports did not go far enough to create a crime by the state and the church and called for the confiscation of church property unless the institution took part. In the state compensation program

taoiseach told Dáil he acknowledged the state was very responsible.

“For women and children who have been cruelly treated, we must do what we can to show deep remorse, understanding and support. Therefore, on behalf of state and citizen governments, I apologize for the great mistake made by Irish mothers and their children who ended up in the mother and baby home or the county home.

About 56,000 women and 57,000 children were placed or born at home, most of which were operated by nuns from 1922 to the last one closed in 1998.Families took the women to the home, which doubled as a place. Orphanage and adoption agencies to cover up what constitutes The stigma of pregnancy and miscarriage

The report found no evidence of sexual harassment and little evidence of assault – a challenging version of some survivors – but documented cruelty, intolerance, inaction and “potentially lethal” infant mortality. Shocked “is about twice the national average.

“We praise gratitude. But it fails to show basic kindness to those who need it most, ”said Teo Isache.

The 2,865-page report compiled over the past five years has given survivors a voice, he said. “Past residents speak of their humiliation for situations in which they find themselves in shame, not theirs. It is ours, ”he said.

The report was reported that saturation in Ireland replaced the coronavirus epidemic.

Eamon Martin, the eldest of Ireland’s churches, apologized for the fact that “Disturbed and hurt”

He said: “ I agree that the church is part of a culture where it is evident that people are stigmatized, judged and rejected. For that, and for the lengthy pain and emotional distress it brings, I apologize without being reciprocated. “

The investigation was informed by the revelation that there were no records of the burials of nearly 800 children who died at the mother and child home in Tuam County Galway, then the excavation of many human remains in an abandoned septic tank.

The Sisters of Bon Secours religious order, running home, apologized: “We are especially aware that infants and children who died at home were buried in an irreverent and unacceptable manner. For that, we are very sorry. “

Catherine Corles, the historian who helped uncover the Tuam scandal, welcomed the apology and urged the nun to allow human remains to be excavated and DNA tested.

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