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Church Camp Linked to 2 COVID-19 Superspreader Activities

RUSHVILLE, IL — A recent COVID-19 outbreak was linked to a teenage camp and staff member at a church camp in Illinois in early June, according to the Illinois Department of Health. Of the nearly 85 patients infected with the virus, one was hospitalized.

The Ministry of Health said The outbreak was caused by low vaccination rates in overnight camps where only residents “One Handful” Reportedly Vaccinated The Ministry of Health said in a press release. The camp also does not require staff or campers to wear masks.

State health officials did not name the camp. But the Pike County Department of Health said the area̵

7;s COVID-19 outbreak was caused by at least 50 confirmed cases at Crossing Camp in Rushville. That number later increased when some members of the camp traveled to meetings. nearby make more people

Dr Ngozi Ezike, Director of IDPH, said: “Most of the 85 COVID-19 cases associated with youth camps are among teenagers. “The perception of the risks to children may seem small. But even a small percentage of COVID-19 can cause long-term health problems. In addition, infected youth who may not experience serious illness can spread the virus to others, including those who are sick. Children who will be vaccinated or who do not produce a strong immune response to the vaccine.”

Schuyler and Adams County which is the location of the camp and meeting There is a 40 percent vaccination rate among the population. Local health officials say 70% of people infected with COVID-19 in the latest outbreak were not vaccinated.

The camp has issued a statement to postpone the next summer’s competition. which is advertised as children 9-11 years old

“Due to the COVID-19 outbreak involving student camps from June 13-17, we made the difficult decision to postpone the camps across our 4th and 5th grades,” a statement on its website said. “We look forward to spending time with your camp this weekend. But we believe it’s the best way to value and love students. difference maker And our staff is to postpone the camp until a safer time.”

The state Department of Health said it is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to request that people infected with the coronavirus at a particular event submit samples for testing for the Delta variant.

Crossing Camp is affiliated with The Crossing, a large non-denominational church with locations in three states. The four-day youth camp is designed for eighth graders and high school students. The camps run from June 13-17, while record-keeping meetings run from June 18-19.

The packing list on the organization’s site must include items such as sunscreen, a modest swimwear, and a “Bible, of course!” but no masks are required.

A representative from The Crossing did not immediately respond to Patch’s question.

Illinois, though, reopened in early June after a year of strict public health regulations. Health officials still recommend that unvaccinated people, such as children, wear masks while at home.

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