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Ciattarelli Wastes No Time Slapping Murphy After Major GOP Win: ‘He’s Not New Jersey!’

Former House of Representatives Jack Ciattarelli came out against Democratic Governor Phil Murphy on Tuesday night, saying the man he wanted to oust in November would be “the man he wanted to oust in November.” “Only one and done in 21 years” after his Republican primary victory over three rivals.

Within minutes of the match being summoned, Ciattarelli was behind the microphone for a photo shoot at Murphy, a Massachusetts native he characterized as a wealthy outsider who had no contact with New Jerseyans.

“Correct offensive status,” Ciattatarelli said at the victory party in Somerset after winning the GOP nod to challenge Murphy in the Nov. 2 general election.


7;s Phil Murphy’s problem: he didn’t grow up here. never went to school here Never owned a business here. He’s another person, I’m you,” said Ciattarelli, a lifelong Somerset County resident. “I mean, have you ever seen this guy eat pizza?”

“He’s not New Jersey,” Ciattarelli added, “and in January 2022 he’s not our governor.”

Sports. Holidays. Nothing is restricted on Tuesday nights.

Ciattarelli condemned Murphy for his loyalty to his New England team and over a 23-room Italian mansion he bought in 2004 for an estimated $7.3 million.

“New Jersey is where I vacation on the LBI while Phil Murphy flies to his villa in Italy. This is where I rooted for the Yankees while Phil Murphy was cheering for the Red Sox,” said Sietarelli.

Murphy announced victory minutes after the elections closed as he did not dispute the primary for a second term. as he thanked his supporters in videos and statements. Murphy didn’t have to mention his opponent’s name.

“There are some groups that want to take us back to what it used to be – when New Jersey only worked for the rich and connected,” Murphy said. “We can’t go back.”

over: Live preliminary election results for New Jersey governor, senate, county assembly and municipal competitions.

Ciattarelli May Win Republican Primary Election But the two nominees, who aligned with former President Donald Trump and both running under the slogan “Make New Jersey Great Again,” had a combined 47 percent of the vote, accounting for 69% of the ballot by 11 p.m.

Phil Rizzo received 25.7% of the vote and Hirsh Singh got 21.7%. Combined, they are within striking distance of Ciatarelli’s 49.5%.

Unlike Murphy on election night The Democratic Governor’s Association didn’t give any punches.

“After a test of infighting and bruises on Trump’s allegiance, Jack Ciattarelli was able to crawl into the general election,” DGA executive director Noam Lee said in a statement. terrified in its efforts to defeat the right and will now enter November as a candidate who has lost touch with New Jersey values.”

In his speech on Tuesday night Murphy said Democrats “Make decisions based on the truth”

“Look at the debates on the other side of the corridor with this preliminary Republican governor,” the governor continued. “These people make decisions based on lies, from legends, or they put their fingers in the air and see where the political winds are blowing.”

Ciattarelli is also having an uphill battle to introduce himself to voters if he is to have the chance to oust Murphy in November, according to the Federal Reserve. Rutgers-Eagleton Poll published Tuesday.

More than half (52%) of registered voters had no idea who Ciatarelli was, while 26% had no opinion. The survey also showed that 12% said they had a favorable view of Ciattarelli and 11% had an unfavorable opinion.

Among Republicans, 25% have a favorable view of Ciatarelli, while 12% have an unfavorable opinion and 41% do not know him.

Murphy, meanwhile, took the lead by 26, with 52% of voters registered in blue-leaning states supporting Democrats and 26% electing his nominees, generally asking if they would vote. To pick a new Murphy, consider voting for someone else. Or would definitely vote for someone else, 42% said they would definitely choose Murphy, while 31% would choose another candidate and 21% were on the fence.

But Ciattarelli on Tuesday night said he was ready for the challenge.

“This campaign is not going to be easy,” he said. “It’s going to be difficult. Really hard. And I’m okay with … I’m here to fix NJ.”

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