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Cindy McCain: Arizona election review is ‘ludicrous’

On Sunday, Cindy McCain called the GOP-sponsored election probe in Arizona “ludicrous”.

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“Look, this whole thing is ludicrous, frankly, it’s ludicrous, and this also comes from the Arizona state party that refuses to censor the votes made within their own party communications,” said Cindy Ma. Said Kken.

“The election is over. [President] Biden won, “she added.” I know a lot of them didn’t like the results. But you know elections have consequences, so … this doesn’t surprise me at all, you know right now things are so distant and crazy about elections.

It was reported in April that the Arizona Senate hired security advisory firm Cyber ​​Ninjas to head the forensic ballot review in Maricopa County.Biden won Maricopa County, eventually overturning Arizona and winning 11 elections. score

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs also criticized the review. “It’s a joke” and calls for an end.

“Republicans are still trying to appease bases that refuse to admit… Trump lost to Arizona and that he is no longer the president,” Hobbs said while appearing on CNN last week.

Tapper also asked Cindy McCain about a report that said she was being censored as a U.S. ambassador for Biden’s United Nations World Food Program to inquire if she would accept the nomination. Or not

“I am proud of the work I have done for the president. I know I am grateful to be able to endorse him and be part of the campaign, so I will … whatever he sees fit. I will be proud and honored to be served.” She said

In January, the Arizona GOP voted against her and former Sen. Jeff FlakeJeffrey (Jeff) Lenflake, a Republican deep dive into being a Nativist, five reasons the United States faces a chronic crisis at the Senate border, the GOP faces a brain drain in retirement. MORE (R-Ariz.) To endorse Biden in the 2020 elections.

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