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Cindy McCain traded the shot with AZ’s top Republican, Biden certified.

Cindy McCain, widow of late GOP Sen. John McCain, told the expected Republican candidate in Arizona in a tweet that they should raise questions about the Party leadership, philosophy and values

The post on social media was a direct response to her criticisms by the Republican state that she expected her ties to the left, cause globalization and her failure to support the president. Trump, by endorsing President Joe Biden

“It’s time to find souls in the Arizona GOP,” she wrote in a tweet containing links to the Arizona Republic.


Arizona, the traditional red state, played a pivotal role in the Democrats̵

7; victory in the U.S. Senate and Joe Biden’s presidential win.

The Republican Party of the state, led by Dr. Women’s president Kelly Ward is seeking revenge, starting with McCain, who endorsed the former vice president during the election and has since joined his transitional team advisory board.

Voting will be considered at the party’s annual meeting on Jan. 23, according to @AZGOP’s Twitter account.

Draft messages of support for Biden’s gay marriage and McCain’s condemnation of Trump as reasons for McCain “terminated any connection” with McCain, despite saying that McCain did “In opposition to Republican values ​​directly the interests of American people and the United States Constitution “

McCain’s late husband was not a fan of Trump and vice versa. Both trades exploded until McCain died in August 2018.

The state party condemned the senator in 2014, but he defeated Ward in the Republican main race in 2016.

In an interview in the Arizona Republic of one of the few people over the past few months, McCain said she was not surprised by the resolution and. “Continued insults and personal attacks from Arizona GOP President Kelli Ward.”

McCain said Ward’s attack was politically motivated and her involvement in both Senate elections to replace her husband and former Republican Senator Jeff. Flake “Resulting in Democrats winning”

“As AZGOP president, she was able to turn Arizona to the blue in November for the first time since 1996,” she told the Republic. “Perhaps you should be reminded that my husband has never lost an Arizona election since his first win in 1982. [Doug] Ducey was the last two Republicans to win the nationwide race in Arizona.

McCain accused Ward of backing GOP congressman Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, two of the three lawmakers Ali Alexander said, helped organize the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

In response, Republican spokesman Zachery Henry accused McCain of pushing “false narratives” about “perceptions of indignation” and said the blame was “false narratives”. “The sad indictment of the Republican Party of Arizona trying to campaign And support the Democratic leftist candidate “

McCain and the Arizona Republicans did not immediately return messages from Fox News seeking comment.

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Arizona Republicans will also meet to consider the condemnation of Republican Republican Doug Ducey for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Flake, which has faced criticism similar to McCain, was blamed by Republicans of Maricopa County earlier this month.

“I’m in good company,” he tweeted last week, referring to McCain.

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