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Cinema regulations prohibit it, CDC relaxes guidelines for summer camps.

Vaccinated people will no longer have to wear masks in movie theaters. Three major U.S. theater chains say customers who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can forget their masks to go to the movies unless they are mandated by state or local. Not vaccinated, masks should continue to be worn and staff will continue to wear them. The group also said it would continue to implement social distancing measures and special cleaning measures.

“In line with the latest CDC recommendations and after consultation with public health experts, Fully vaccinated AMC theater guests are no longer required to wear masks at AMC premises unless mandated by state or local law,” AMC said in a statement. fully, will be asked to continue to wear masks. All other aspects of AMC Safe & Clean policies and procedures include seat blocking. It is still in effect now.”

The policy change comes two weeks after the Centers for Disease Control said people who had been fully vaccinated could leave their masks at home. except in certain situations And it coincides with a moment of optimism that more Americans will go to the cinema to watch blockbuster movies this summer as the country reopens.

The CDC continues to relax its own guidelines on masks. To make it easier for vaccinated teens to enjoy summer camps without them, the CDC updated previous guidelines to say vaccinated teens don’t need to wear masks or keep distance. social Unvaccinated camping children often don’t wear masks when doing outdoor activities. except in certain situations “In a camp where everyone is fully vaccinated. no need to hide No distance needed No screening is required. Test.” Erin Sauber-Schatz. said head of the CDC’s panel on community interventions and crisis populations, which wrote the guidelines. In the “mid to late summer” people can enjoy “The pre-plague camp experience,” added Sauber-Schatz.

The change came after complaints that the CDC’s guidelines for the camps were too strict. And even members of Congress urged the agency to review the new policy, but “even the updated recommendations come with complex considerations that could prompt the camps to change policies a few days before they open,” the Washington Post said. especially in camps with young children who have not been vaccinated. and because of the difference Some may decide to continue enforcing the mask policy.

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