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Clippers Flatten Defenseless Blazers – Blazer’s Edge

Tonight, the Portland Trail Blazers face the Los Angeles Clippers intending to stop NBA MVP candidate Damian Lillard.LA puts two defenders on the All-Star Guard as soon as he crosses the half court, forcing him to pay. Ball for teammates In that atmosphere, CJ McCollum and Norman Powell had a field day, scoring 24 and 32 against each other.

Usually, that’s good news for the blazers. Strong scoring will always lead them to victory. However, on this night, their defense was historically bad. They allowed Paul George 22 points in the first period and 36 for the game. Kawhi Leonard scored 29 points, 1

2 rebounds and 7 assists. Reggie Jackson scored 23 points more than all of the Blazers’ bench, rather than struggling for Victory Portland does his best to prevent losses throughout the game. They succeeded gently by falling 133-116 to their playoff enemies. It was not a very moral victory. It’s nowhere near the real one either.

Under pressure, Lillard scored 11 points on 2-14 shots and 6 assists.

First half

The Blazers did well as the game started, with Lillard putting pressure on a project intended to stop him and shrugged Patrick Beverley like a little annoyed.Lillard scored a goal, hit Enes Kanter from an unbalanced Clippers defense, or Kanter just grabbed a rebound at Disgusted on his own, but the Clippers played superbly, hitting their first nine matches because Portland was not defenseless. Long distance middle distance … it doesn’t matter. LA scored like a practice session. Nearly 06:00 when the Clippers finally missed it, then they had 24 points, with the quarter less than half that.CJ McCollum repeatedly scored as the period loosened, trying to keep his team in it. But when Paul George scored a bucket-per-minute and a 50-point acceleration clipper, there wasn’t much “it” for the mantle. It’s really ugly.CJ scored 12 in the quarter, but George had 22, LA led 47-32 behind one.

Second trimester

When the Clippers hit a few to open a second, the lead extended to 20, there was nothing the Blazers could do to salvage the game but defense. Portland called a timeout to stop bleeding only to see LA hit three in the next tenure. Up to 26 clips of leads were satisfied in the middle of their period, which is fairly standard considering the circumstances. That’s the only elegance that the Blazers have, but they make use of it. They were able to cut it up to 15 behind McCollum and Norman Powell, then 10, while Lillard hit a rare three then 7, while Robert Covington was hit again in their next tenure. That was the margin at the break. Clippers took 73-66 LA, shooting 57% from the field in the first half, 48% from distance.

Third trimester

The Blazers came out well in the third quarter, which is a metaphorical talk. Another scoring turbulence by Powell / McCollum’s tandem lead to two but LA stretched shortly after. Portland forced the Clippers to miss out on that moment more than they would have had the entire game up to that point. Most of them come in the middle. LA is doing well both in the lane and from a distance. But it is not going backwards as it used to be. Portland, as good as they get They still dominate in the category where they have a clear advantage – the free throw. At the end of Portland, third tried 27-for-just-16 for LA The Clippers took a 101-89 lead after the three technically expanded their lead from half, but the Blazers remained in a row. In games like this, that’s all you can ask.

Fourth quarter

Powell took a big step at the start of day four as the Clippers’ defense was still sold out to stop Lillard Stormin Norman drove down the hill and shifted to the edge like easily If Portland can defend a good defense then they will be stepping behind their superb third goal scorer, although the “D” will only go on for a while, they can take it inside. 9 or 7, but never more threatening. Portland couldn’t finish off with authority at the arc and they couldn’t see the middle. If they do either, they might have a chance. It won’t be a few L.A. people make this game inaccessible, leading to 20 again and that’s it.

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The Blazers face Utah Jazz at 7:00 AM Pacific on Thursday night.

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