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Clippers vs. Jazz Score, Takeaway: Donovan Mitchell, Utah play 2nd game against Los Angeles.

The Utah Jazz successfully defended their home ground in the Western Conference semi-finals as they oversaw the Los Angeles Clippers in critical time to win Game 2 of their best-of-seven series. The Jazz led by up to 21 points, but an angrily second-half comeback by the Clippers soon failed as Utah walked away with a 117-111 victory.

It’s not Kawhi Leonard or Paul George who leads the Clippers. No, it’s Reggie Jackson who scored 29 points for the team to keep the Clippers in place. Sadly, they can’t compete with Donovan Mitchell, who followed the masterpiece of Game 1 45 points with 37 gems in Game 2.

With the win, Jazz led the series 2-0 as they transition to Los Angeles. The Clippers were in this position in the last round. So comebacks are almost unfamiliar to them. They̵

7;ll have to do better to beat the famous Jazz team, but if the Dallas series proves anything. Show that they are flexible enough for the job. Here are the three biggest takeaways from Game 2.

1. Mitchell’s Expertise

As I mentioned after Game 1, Donovan Mitchell destroyed the Clippers by turning down the worst defender on pick-and-roll. This is a basic superstar strategy and the easiest way to take advantage of the Switch. Clippers tried to adjust the defensive line in Game 2. It didn’t work as Mitchell destroyed every coverage they threw at him.

The Clippers have mostly played small since the Dallas series in an effort to maximize distance and increase defensive switching capabilities. But after a fight in Game 1, they returned to the big lineup with Ivica Zubac in the middle. This forced them to play a drop from pick and roll because Zubac wasn’t fast enough to defend. perimeter Mitchell immediately noticed this and pressed Zubac to make two quick-pull 3-pointers out of the screen.

When the Clippers tried to hit him in the second half He passed out to find a simple bucket.

There is no better answer for Mitchell. This is the last level an attacker must reach in order to claim a superstar. And it’s the point that Luka Doncic reached the last round as well. No coverage is available for Mitchell. He mastered how to defeat them all. All the Clippers can do now is pick a path and hope Mitchell makes a mistake. Or they can force him to pass and his teammates do. That won’t intersect with this great offense.

2. Did Clippers defeat the best?

We see this at some point in almost every season. Some teams that are 20 or more behind are desperate and have demarcated their defenses. It worked for one or two quarters and they reduced the deficit to single digits. But in the end they lost the game. Then, when they started the next game with the zone as their base. The opposing team destroyed it because they had a chance to look at it on film and distinguish its weaknesses.

It’s as old as time and the Clippers are heading down this path after losing in Game 2. They were 21 points behind in the third quarter. But the zone helps them fight back into the game. But it wasn’t enough. Now they are down 0-2 and there is no more that card left to play. as effective as zone protection Their best feature is that they are rarely used. The teams were surprised to see the zone. When the element of surprise is gone Defense will defeat them all. Especially for teams like Jazz that have a lot of shooting.

When you consider all the pickup and roll coverage the Clippers have tried, it’s worth wondering what adjustments Tai Lue has left to try. He has now experimented with virtually every item and reporting format that his roster can generate. nothing works Perhaps better execution would make a difference here, but now Clippers are saving lives without the obvious pills.

3. Not doing any favors for himself.

Rudy Gobert played 36 minutes of the game, the Jazz won those minutes with 14 points when Derrick Favors replaced him. The Jazz’s previously strong defenses were uncommon, with Reggie Jackson and Paul George attacking the basket much more aggressively. And the Clippers won that minute by eight points.

Favors are not bad defenders. Although he had been rejected since playing jazz for the first time. His real crime wasn’t just being Rudy Gobert. Gobert’s presence gave the Clippers a fear of driving, which made it easier for the Utah defenders to get caught up in the shooter. When Gobert got off the ground Everything turned out, Clippers looked like Clippers again.

Big men are always struggling, especially with bootleg workloads. Utah couldn’t have asked Gobert to play 45 minutes easily. They had to survive these last minutes, and Favors weren’t working right now. Can Jazz escape from the small play and hold Bojan Bogdanovich in the middle? Maybe for a short elongation The whole offensive approach is possible for a team with as many shots as Jazz, but it’s not something they want to try more than a few minutes at a time. Either way, if Clippers start shooting best. Utah will have to figure out how to defend the basket when Gobert leaves the game. A series with a team of this caliber doesn’t have a big enough bug to survive the main backup-8.

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