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CLOV shares, WEN shares are the latest meme stocks to pop; Canoo, Lordstown, Workhorse Surge

clover health (CLOV) and Wendy (WEN) is the latest big gainer as the retail frenzy continues. CLOV shares and WEN shares both gap up EV shares. Canoo (GOEV) also increased.


meanwhile Lordstown (RIDE) reversed after a 10-K/A filing, warning that “we need more funding to carry out our business plans. and may not be available under acceptable conditions. if so This raises serious doubts about our ability to continue as a concern.”

clover health stocks

CLOV shares jumped 86% to 22.15 on the stock market today. After a 32% increase Monday, Clover is one of the most discussed companies on StockTwits, a social media platform where traders, investors and entrepreneurs share ideas.

CLOV shares have recovered, but are still sitting 60 percent by day. MarketSmith chart analysis shows that Clover Health’s strength line has risen on the stock’s rally, RS Rating to 76 out of a possible 99 while. where EPS Rating is 46

Health insurance was encouraged early. Facebook (FB) Mr. Chamat Palihapitiya

Wendy’s stock

Wendy’s rose 26 percent to 28.87. This fast food operator was shot into meme-stock status after several mentions on forums. Reddit’s WallStreetBets

Wendy’s line of relative strength rose on Tuesday, but its RS rating is 33. WEN shares an EPS of 90 as it posted two-quarters of earnings growth acceleration.

The company has focused its efforts on breakfast offerings, which launched in March 2020, and digital sales.

Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor said in an earnings call that Wendy’s had the second largest traffic share of the quick-service burger chain in 2020, citing market researcher NPD Group, meaning Burger King overtook. Wendy’s competitor but still following in the footsteps McDonald’s (MCD).

Meme stocks that have risen over the past 6 months. Most of them lasted 15 minutes longer than their reputation.

AMC Entertainment (AMC) is taking advantage of the trend of raising $1.24 billion in capital in less than a month. It plans to sell an additional 25 million shares in 2022.

GameStop (GME), which was once on the verge of bankruptcy. Have a return strategy is trying to transition to electronic retailers around the world. has brought in a new set of executives to join Microsoft (MS) in a multi-year agreement to expand its offerings and modernize its fulfillment facilities.

But while stocks have made several new highs and created wealth for many investors. They are not traditional CAN SLIM stocks. Many of them have weak fundamentals and still do not deserve high valuations.

On Tuesday, AMC shares were up 0.1% after gaining as much as 10% during the day. GME, the original meme, was up 7%, reporting Wednesday earnings.

Canoo stock jumped 20% and carousel (WKHS) was up 11.8%, but Lordstown’s stock fell sharply to close down 16.3% after warnings of potential concerns.

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