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‘Clueless’ Kamala Harris blasted for not visiting ‘center’ of border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris continued to face criticism over the weekend. for her latest trip to El Paso, Texas.


last friday Harris visited the El Paso border plant nearly 100 days after being appointed by President Joe Biden to deal with the immigration crisis at the southern border.

during the press conference Harris touted The Biden administration has “extremely advanced” in tackling immigration numbers, despite inheriting a “difficult situation” caused by the “disastrous consequences” of the Trump administration̵

7;s border policies.

When asked why she went to El Paso instead of more severely affected areas such as the Rio Grande Valley. Harris explained that El Paso was where a number of Trump policies, such as the Persistence in Mexico and the Child Separation Policy. was put into practice

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Republican Texas Senator Jon Cornyn shared a New York Post op-ed on Twitter Saturday on the topic. ‘Why Kamala’s photogenic journey to the border doesn’t help much in slowing the waves of immigrants’ by adding the words ‘clueless in El Paso’ to the front of the headline.

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas Trump, who is scheduled to visit the border on Wednesday with former President Donald Trump, shared a separate tweet from Cornyn referring to an article posted on Sunday. He added that Harris “Didn’t talk to Texan, whose home was compromised, who wielded a gun at them, whose property was destroyed by gangs and members crossing the border.”

“She didn’t talk to the families whose fentanyl smuggled into Texas was destroyed,” Abbott continued. “She didn’t care.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that while El Paso was a “vibrant frontier community”, it was not “the center of the crisis.”

“The center of the crisis … is 800 miles away in the Rio Grande Valley,” Cruz told Fox News’ Jesse Watters. at the Biden cage That’s what you’ll see cage after cage after cage of little boy and little girl on the floor. No beds, no mats, no cribs, side by side after each other, wrapped in reflective emergency blankets, that’s what you see. Facilitate with a 10% positive COVID rate, and what Kamala and Joe Biden desperately want to avoid are television cameras filming those kids in the Biden cage, so she goes as far as you can to Texas. to say that she went to the border”

He argued that Harris did not offer any solutions or answers during her press conference and claimed that the increase in migration was a result of the Biden administration’s decision to stop building the wall. The border has called back its “catch and release” policy and reversed the remaining policies in Mexico, Cruz said, “producing the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years”.


More than 180,000 migrants were arrested at the southern border in May, up from 178,000 found in April and 173,000 found in March. All of these are the highest numbers in years. March was a huge increase from the 100,000 immigrants found in February.

May 2020 The height of the coronavirus pandemic saw over 23,000 migrants, with an estimated 144,000 evacuated in May 2019.

Fox News Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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