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It takes four episodes. But you can finally skip the “Green Bay” from your bingo card.

Aaron Rodgers made a nod to his NFL City during his debut as a guest on Thursday’s “Jeopardy!”. This is the first time Green Bay has happened since his 10-episode hosting limit began on Monday.

“Being here is really personal to me. I am truly ‘Dangerous!’ My fans and people who know and love, I don’t understand to call me at 6pm because that’s when ‘Danger!’ Aired on Greene. “I am very happy to be here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.”

That was just a warm-up for the upcoming rop title Vince Lombardi when Rodgers spoke with Pasquale Palumbo, a contestant from Hawhorne, New York, who explained that he and the Green Bay Packers quarterback shared a football relationship.

Take a deep breath …

Palumbo said he played and coached football at White Plains High School, with his head coach Mark Santa-Donato coached by Ralph Friedgen Jr., who was coached by Earl “Colonel Red” Blaik at the US Military Academy at West. Point, whose Lombardy was his coaching staff from 1949 to 1953.

“We are football’s cousins,” Palumba said.

Sure, stretchable, but A is for the effort.

“OK, that’s a good four-level separation there,” said Rodgers with a laugh.

“Hey, it’s better than six,” replied Palumbar

Props for Rodgers on purchase The Panzerkampfwagen Maus, the name of the heaviest tank ever built, rolled his tongue during clues under the heavy metal category. But maybe he missed the opportunity not to be any more fun than he did with the “Smelly Cat” lyrics from “Friends” in the comedy TV category?

However, Rodgers was thrilled to read this clue: “The Princess Bride,” 1987: Unnamed Leader Inigo Montoya.

Returning to champion Brandon Deutsch who answered incorrectly, “Princess Bride” fan Rodgers Mandy Patinkin appeared to be happy to tell him that Patinkin had a great time. Is Inigo Montoya (Correct answer: Cary Elwes).

Incidentally, “The Princess Bride” appears on Instagram, a story that Rodgers did with fiancé Shailene Woodley on Monday, where she encouraged viewers to watch “Jeopardy!”. She asked him what people should expect from the moment. He is a guest

“There’s some laughs, there may be tears, some mysterious excitement,” said Rodgers, “… it’s like ‘the princess’ bride’ – fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, miracle, true love. You never know. “

Rodgers has frequently referred to classic romantic comedy in interviews as one of his all-time favorite movies and is known to have spoken up on the remarks of his co-stars. His Packers team appeared on the podcast “Chips, Dips and Dorks” a few years ago, for an episode devoted to the film, he talked about watching as a kid and everyone was involved in Character (Westley has the best line, he said) and enjoy. “Sensitive humor” as an adult

So if you’ve been following the home of Rodgers’ favorite pop culture pop-up in “Jeopardy!” Up until now, “The Princess Bride” has been added to a show featuring Ewoks and Turd Ferguson. For the time period “Game of Thrones” or “The Office”

Rodgers received another $ 9,799 Thursday for his chosen charity, the North Valley Community Foundation, in his hometown of Chico, California.

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