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College Football Playoff considering expanding format to 12 teams

The College Football Playoff Management Committee will consider expanding to a 12-team format when they meet in Chicago next week. This is the first step in what could be another historic change for the sporting season.

The offer is a copy obtained from ESPN. Calls for the bracket to include the 6 highest ranked conference champions and the remaining 6 highest ranked teams as determined by the CFP selection committee.

“No meeting will automatically qualify and there will be no limit on the number of participants from the meeting,” the proposal said.

The proposal, written by a subcommittee consisting of Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, Notre Dame Sporting Director Jack Swarbrick and Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson, is just the first step in that process. long

Ten FBS commissioners and Swarbrick had to agree on a form when they met June 17-18 to discuss the topic in person for the first time since before the coronavirus pandemic. While the four members of the working group spent the past two years exploring the possibility of concluding that the 12 teams provided the best opportunity, in the end it was possible that the other seven members of the Board of Directors would support it. another form

Under the proposal for a 12-team format, the top four conference champions will be placed 1-4 and receive a first-round bye. Teams 5-12 will play against each other in the first round at the home ground of the top ranked teams. than The semi-finals and semi-finals will be played in bowl games. And the national championship game will remain at the neutral site.

If the group reaches a consensus The plan will be presented to the president and the 11 prime ministers who make up the CFP’s executive committee at a meeting in Dallas on June 22, if the management committee approves the plan. Commissioner and Swarbrick will use the summer to figure out how to do it — and when.

The next meeting is scheduled for September. And any form change will ultimately be done by the President and Prime Minister.

CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock said the playoffs will not expand this year or next. The current 12-year deal runs until the 2025-26 season.

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