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Colorado hospitalization for COVID-19 continued to increase as the outbreak began, too.

COVID-related hospitalizations in Colorado rose again Wednesday, reaching the latest levels in mid-February, while a growing coronavirus outbreak also pointed to the spread of the virus. Broad

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment reported 450 hospitalizations with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 on Wednesday afternoon. The last time many people were in hospital because of the virus was February 19.

While hospitalizations remained stable or decreased in most of the state, the four counties found that they had increased at least half the day in the past two weeks: Larimer, Adams, Pueblo and Douglas. In Pueblo, hospitalizations are up 1

1 from 14 days ago.

COVID-19 hospitalizations dropped from early December to February, hitting a plateau almost March and rising again this week. On the other hand, experts don’t think the hospital will be in any danger of running out of space. But the relatively high rise is an undesirable sign that the vaccine has not chased the virus from Colorado until now.

The epidemic of active coronavirus has also increased, with an increase of about 8 percent in the past week, according to state data released Wednesday. Which brought them back to the levels they saw in mid-March and ended their 15-week decline.

The number of outbreaks in schools has decreased. But what is linked to childcare, restaurants, bars and manufacturing facilities has increased. Outbreaks were at least two cases linked to the same location or event, and four weeks had to pass without new cases before they were considered final.

“In recent weeks, we have also seen an increase in the number of outbreaks reported across the state,” said Jessica Bralich, director of communications at the Department of Health, in a press release. Have Coloradans tested for symptoms or suspicion of COVID-19. The test helps states monitor the spread of COVID-19 and helps us mitigate the epidemic and increase its spread. ”

The trajectory of the patient was less clear than the outbreak and hospital admissions as of Wednesday.In the week ending Sunday, the patient was at the most recent level at the end of January. Monday and Tuesday combined numbers are slightly lower than last week. But a relatively high percentage of tests that came back positive raised questions about whether the state was infectious.

So far, three counties have had to increase restrictions because of the growing number of cases. Jefferson County announced Wednesday it would move from Level Blue to a tighter Level Yellow in the state’s dial on Friday. Most businesses are limited to 50% of capacity and bars that don’t serve food will have to be closed again.

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