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Colorado woman found dead after bear abused

TRIMBLE, Colo (WJW) – The 39-year-old Colorado woman’s body was found Friday night after a bear attack.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, the woman was found off US Highway 550 near Trimble.

Authorities believe the woman went for a walk with her two dogs earlier in the day. Her boyfriend contacted the sheriff’s office after he returned home around 8:30 p.m. to find the dogs waiting outside the couple’s home.

The boyfriend began searching for the victim and found her body around 9:30 p.m., CPW reported.He called 91

1 to report the incident.

Wildlife officials reported signs of ingestion on the victim’s body and large amounts of bear poop and fur at the scene.

The dog team reportedly found a female black bear, believed to be about 10 years old, with two years nearby.The bear has been killed and is being taken to CPW’s Wildlife Health Laboratory for meat testing.

The DNA evidence from the bear and the crime scene will be examined as part of the investigation.

Authorities said although bear attacks were rare. But this incident should serve as a reminder to the public that wildlife can be very dangerous.

“Bear attacks are very rare,” said Cory Chick, CPW Southwest Region Manager. “This is a sad incident and a sad reminder that bears are ferocious and potentially dangerous. With extreme care, the bear was taken out for the safety of the people. We urge people to report an aggressive bear encounter to CPW. “

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