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Colorado woman killed in rare black bear attack, officials say | Colorado

A 39-year-old Colorado woman died in a black bear attack, just the fourth maul in the state since it was recorded in 1960, officials said Saturday.

The woman’s boyfriend was found her body Friday night near Durango, 350 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

The man told police he arrived home around 8:30 p.m. and found the couple̵

7;s two dogs outside and that his girlfriend was missing. He searched for directions on a private estate where she frequently walked the dog and informed officers after her body was found.

The woman’s name was not disclosed. The official said an autopsy was pending an autopsy. But the officer found that there was a litter of cat hair and “Traces of consumption in the body,” the official said.

Authorities said using a wildlife tracking dog found a 10-year-old sow and a 2-year-old sow nearby and killed the three bears “with great care,” officials said.

The carcasses were transported to the state wildlife laboratory for dissection. The DNA samples will be analyzed at a forensic laboratory in Wyoming.

Colorado is home to about 19,000 black bears, the state wildlife spokesperson said, adding that the agency has recorded three more deadly attacks on humans since they began tracking them 61 years ago.

The black bear, as the name suggests, describes the species rather than the color.It is the only bear in Colorado.

A spokesperson said the black bear was active in the spring and had several sightings near Durango. One bear was seen rummaging in a trash bin and another tore off a bird feeder outside the Animas river house, he said.

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