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Colts GM Chris Ballard – Philip Rivers says he’s ‘not 100% sure’ he still wants to play in 2021.

Indianapolis-Colts and Phil Rivers are going to spend about next month to determine for themselves what they believe is best for each side when it comes to the position of manager Chris Ballard’s defender. General said during the off-season media outlets on Thursday.

Rivers, during the second offseason, were thinking about quitting the NFL. He was offered a high school football coaching job in Alabama when he retired.

“I didn’t do either,” Ballard said. “What I told Philip was that we had to spend a month and decide where to go. ‘Chris, I’m not 100 percent sure.’ Do we want Philip back? Yes. But I told Philip that we had to go through this process, I had to do my job.

Colts signed Rivers on a one-year, $ 25 million contract in March 2020 after he spent the first 1

6 years of his career with The Chargers. Rivers made Colts a 11-5 record and entered. To the playoffs while throwing 4,169 yards, 24 touchdowns and 11 interceptions this season. He also advanced to the top five in NFL history in touchdowns and passing yards this season.

Re-signing River would not be easy if he was younger. But, in fact, he will turn 40 in November, which raises the question of how long he will be in high production.

“If this is the 30-year-old Philip or the 35-year-old Philip, we are not talking. But here is a 39-year-old Philip River, maybe two years left, ”Ballard said.” … your skill set declines as you get older, your age is unbeatable. [for Rivers] To be able to come up with different ways to play and win, it’s fun to watch this year.

As Rivers takes time to decide what to do next for him, Colts coach Frank Reich, offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni and defender coach Marcus Brady will continue to assess the defenders. After in the NFL and in this year’s draft floor.

Reserve defender Jacob Brissett like Rivers will be a free agent this season, leaving rookie Jacob Eson as the Colt’s only full-back.

“If Philip had five years left, we wouldn’t have spoken. But we need to explore everything, ”Ballard stressed.“ I don’t want to see the headlines saying we’re moving from Rivers. ”

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