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Conan O’Brien said there were no more Trump jokes for the last two months on TBS.

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In his Monday night monologue, Conan O’Brien announced that after 11 years he would “wrap up” his late-night TBS show, which will air the final episode on June 24.

“Some of you are wondering why am I doing this? Why end up at TBS, ”O’Brien says,“ and I’ll tell you: Because an older Buddhist monk used to tell me what to pick up, what do you have to put first?

O’Brien said he was going to debut. Later this year and his final two months, TBS will be devoted to clips of his favorite moments and will feature special guests.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished here,” O’Brien says, “and what I want is I want the last few weeks to look back at all the ridiculous madness. That my team and I have cooked Above all, I just wanted to point out that few would be shocking if there were. Refer to Donald Trump because that’s one of my favorite comedy films all along. “

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