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Concept envision a new iMac design inspired by the iPad and Pro Display XDR.

We have seen many ideas of the new iMac as it is rumored that Apple is expected to release a redesigned version of the all-in-one computer later this year. While the report states that the new iMac will have a design similar to the Pro Display XDR and will be available in more colors. ConceptsiPhone and Khahn Design show just that.

Instead of having a body that is bent like the current model, the iMac shown here is as flat as the Pro Display XDR. iPad Pro and more 4th generation iPad Air

It can be hard to imagine a desktop computer as thin as an iPad a few years ago. But now it’s even more possible with the Apple Silicon chip, which is more powerful and doesn̵

7;t require a big fan. The idea of ​​the idea is basically to have a giant iPad Pro attached to a simpler version of Apple’s Pro Stand.

The first iMac was released in five different colors, and the latest rumors point to another color that came with the new iMac, which is currently only available in silver.The iMac in this concept is available in a different color. There are five colors, mainly based on the current iPad Air lineup: Blue, Rose Gold, Black, Red and Green.

You can find more details of this idea in the video below:

Although Apple will hold a special event on Tuesday. But it’s still unclear if the redesigned iMac will arrive now or later this year. That being said, the idea underscores the iMac’s desire for a new, more modern look.

See more pictures of ideas on Khahn Design’s webpage.


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