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Conclusion: The pen beat the 7-3 Flyer from the strength of Sydney Crosby’s two-goal night.


The Penguins use the same gameplay as last night, with Tristan Jarry starting tonight.Casey DeSmith, who left the game last night, does not serve as a substitute, Maxime Lagace is on the bench.

First period

At just 1:44 inches, the pen is a much better start. The third line had a nice turnaround and Jared McCann hit Marcus Pettersson in front of him alone. Marcus Petterson ?? Yes. He can play backhand and slide past Brian Elliott to give Pittsburgh to a 1-0 lead quickly and quickly.

The Pens back-to-back games were played with their first power and started their second group as the big boys were winded by the shift and the JVs played 1

:30 first after time zone one. But couldn’t do much with it and tick time away.

The shot ended 11-7 to support Pittsburgh in the first.

Second period

A pyrotechnic early second, ex-flyer Mark Friedman cleaned Joel Farabi with a huge open-air hit and put his old friend on the ranks. Jakub Voracek breaks his stick over Friedman with a slash, then Farabi rise to challenge Friedman in a short but lively fight. The pen plays powerfully out of the deal thanks to the extra minor Voracek.

And cash in the pen, remember last unfortunate night? Some good news here Kris Letang broke his stick in the shot. But the puck still fled a little forward, Jake Guentzel was able to track it down, and he was barely in his firing shot, but it passed by the sprawling Brian Elliott. But couldn’t stop the puck from gliding over the line by 2-0 pen.

5:44 In an action-packed phase, Crossby resumed his killing method, redirecting the shot / passing of the disgruntled Dynamo Marcus Pettersson into the Nets 3-0 Pittsburgh

Flyers can react. Justin Braun beat Pittsburgh’s defense in front of the net and found the puck and fired past Jarry to make it a 3-1 game.

Crosby and Travis Konecny ​​get messed up, and Konecny ​​tries to keep Crosby in a choking triangle or something where the captain doesn’t waste time and doesn’t overkill by returning favor with some body. Both received minors and nothing happened in 4v4.

McCann was disheartened when he had the puck and responded by getting up and stumbling over a player without the puck and you couldn’t do that. Philadelphia was first shown in the evening. Jeff Carter gets the best chance of a short escape sequence. But Elliot caused him to stumble.

The Flyers do more competitive races late in the day when the puck distracts from Carter and former Jarry Bumchuck! 3-2 pens

Philly made a slight edge over the second half, 13-12 shots.Obviously, oh, and Bryan Rust didn’t play in the second half because Konecny’s MMA career with Crosby wasn’t enough, he had to add the latter. Feet in play

Third period

Fortunately, Rust made a comeback at the start of the third period.

Flyers made a mistake, courtesy of Kasperi Kapanen, pre-examination pressure. The Capanen took a pass attempt and then stole the puck away from Claude Giroux Evgeni Malkin came in from there and shot Jason Zucker wide open in front of the net with a pass. Zucker made no mistake to go ahead and scoop the puck and pass Elliott to 4-2 pens for a very important count to allow more breathing space.

But the Flyers quickly took that room and returned to the target.Konecny ​​pulled the puck off the wall and it bounced off Jarry, then John Marino’s skates and angled into the net 4-3 with a remainder. Almost half the time to go

Pittsburgh hit back again, and it was none other than Crosby, who shot into the top corner of the net and extended the lead back to two 5-3 goals now after this nefarious tear. Fast from Rust

The Flyer pulled the goalkeeper with the far left 4:30, but two down and out of the playoffs, they continued to deliver it. It didn’t work out and Friedman was in the open for an easy goal, besides slashing Nolan Patrick, Shayne Gotisbehere dropped him after the puck was in the net. Philadelphia Flyers: Show the sympathy and respect they were famous for all the way through the 6-3 pen finish.

The Pens brings Crosby and Malkin out on fire to punish Gotisbehere and the others. You gotta love it. If they are going to do it, you have to bury it on the scoreboard. Pittsburgh played with 2D to be a little careful. But even so, it’s worth it, as Crosby delivered a fine ball to Marino, who shot the puck into the net from a sharp 7-3 angle.

The pen won and stepped into number one, at least tonight, The Flyers, bringing the game closer to the golf course. The natural order of things

Some idea

  • Tonight was a good night for Pettersson to get just the second goal of the season.He’s always coming in and hangs in the attacking zone, almost as a surprise he didn’t accidentally get them more.
  • Likewise, the late goal was only Marino’s third of the season. It wasn’t a season off for him. But it’s nice to see him swinging one at the end of the year.
  • Sweet game for Jarry in the number 100 game tonight, they go fast, right? On the one hand, it was Elliot’s 500th career game, this is another 500 for him (as long as the pen never got him)! The Flyers got a big boost in Phase 2 and early part 3 and Jarry did the best. Two goals that clash are a coincidence that bounces off his own players, otherwise Philly won’t be able to get in as much.
  • Evgeni Malkin almost did the highlight reel for the wrong reasons for power play. Puck went the other way and credited Malkin that he had returned in time to cover up the second man during the rush. But then… he let Sean Couturier go to the net, apparently Malkin just thought he would block a pass in the middle. That didn’t work and Couturier had a good chance in front of the net and Jarry had to save really well. A few seconds later, the puck is in another net and Malkin is credited with helping. Everything ends well
  • Friedman had not had much of a choice since he punched and was challenged. But boy, for a guy who has just been concussed, the thought of putting down a glove and getting punched in the head doesn’t seem so smart…. Especially in cleaning That’s hockey culture for Mr. Friedman must feel that he owes Farabee competition, but it really shouldn’t be. What can you do?
  • You’re also wondering what happened between Friedman and the Flyers? Was Gotisbehere just disappointed at the end of a long season? Afraid of another trip to the waiver line? Not happy about Friedman’s clean hit he fights for and should his slate be wiped clean? Friedman spent a lot of inappropriate playing time in the four games he played against his former teammates, perhaps just a natural incident. But overall, it looks a little weird that they went too far to beat him for the rest of the season.
  • 2 goals by Sid towards the flyer …. It feels right, right?
  • The first two lines tonight were great … Philly made it a 3-2 game and Kapanen-Malkin-Zucker. Bang to expand leadership … The Flyers got a lavish door to make it 4-3 and shortly thereafter Guentzel -Rust-Crosby to reaffirm the lead and seal the deal in general.
  • I like the early goalkeeper pull flyers. Analysis and theory say that when teams lose 2 or more goals, they should pull the goalkeeper faster than conventional wisdom for NHL teams.You probably won’t dig out of the hole at 5v5 and risk seeing how momentum can change. Or not It didn’t work and the Flyers had nothing to lose. But it will be interesting to see if such a theory can be extended to games at the NHL level.

The Panes have two more home games on Thursday and Saturday against Buffalo, then they get a little rest. It’s good to leave Philly with the W tonight, and best not to watch those jokes for the rest of the season.

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