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Confirmation hearings for Biden’s chief spy challenger postponed.

The DNI “plays a pivotal role in overseeing the 18 agencies that make up our country’s intelligence community, and the committee looks forward to a hearing with Ms Haines next week,” they added.

It was not immediately clear whether it would be rescheduled before or after next Wednesday’s release.

Key context: A hearing for Haines’ assertion was supposed to be the first for Biden’s cabinet, but Haines joins other national security groups still waiting for an opportunity to appear on Capitol Hill, including Presentation Leader of DHS, Department of State and Pentagon

The transition process has been delayed as President Donald Trump has spent months making unfounded claims that Biden stole the election. It was further complicated by running a dual Senate in Georgia, which eventually overturned the balance of powers in the upper chambers.

The new threat to take on Biden̵

7;s team may be Trump’s second impeachment hearing, likely not starting until next week.

Biden has urged his former colleagues to push forward the hearing while still confirming the nominees and running their agenda.

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