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Congress, GOP, called Biden a ‘tyrant’ rather than a second Amendment comment.

Colorado GOP Representative Lauren Bourt suggested Thursday that President Biden was a “tyrant” after he argued that the Second Amendment was not. While the revelation of management’s actions was aimed at reducing gun violence.

Criticism from Boebert, an early Congressman and advocate of firearms rights, followed Biden’s speech on the same day in Rose Garden about his administration’s gun control measures. During the speech, Biden did not dispute his actions. “In any way interfering with the Second Amendment” and insist that the Second Amendment was never intended to cover all forms.

“There is no constitutional amendment,” Biden said. “You can̵

7;t shout the word ‘fire’ in a crowded cinema and call it freedom of speech from the outset. You can’t own any weapons you want. It can be owned from the outset that the Second Amendment has some. Weapons are not allowed. “

Shortly after the speech, Boebert contended that Biden had perverted the truth in the Second Amendment.

“The second amendment is a certainty,” Bobert wrote on Twitter. “Whoever says otherwise is a tyrant.”

Biden details gun control measures, including stricter restrictions on the so-called homemade “ghost guns”, handgun stabilizing braces, and an order for the Justice Department to develop laws for the “flag” law. “Red” to temporarily block the person who is listed. It is a potential threat of gun possession.

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The president has vowed to take decisive action after gunmen kill 10 people at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. The White House noted that many gun shooting suspects had used stabilizing braces that could make the guns. “More stable and accurate while remaining concealable”

Last month, Boebert accused Biden of “making politics” of mass shooting Boulder to mobilize aid for stricter gun control measures. A congressman made a scrutiny earlier this year after she announced her intention to carry a gun at homegrown.

In February, Democrats’ lawmakers criticized Bobert after she showed several guns in the background pending a hearing by a virtual council committee.

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