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Conspiracy theorist Seth Rich withdraws and apologizes for false statements while ending the case.

“I am fully responsible for my opinion and I apologize for the pain caused,” businessman Ed Butowsky said in a statement withdrawn of his earlier comment. “I sincerely hope that the rich can find out who killed their son and bring this tragic chapter into their lives.”

“Today, we retract and reject our statement, and we apologize to Mr. Rich and his family,” Internet activist Matt Sof said in a separate video posted online. “I am responsible for my actions. Fully … and would like to apologize to Mr. Rich and his family. “

The withdrawal of the lawsuit is part of the settlement of Seth Rich̵
7;s brother Aaron Rich to Butowsky and Couch in a lawsuit he filed in March 2018.Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. The Washington Times, a conservative news agency that is also sued, withdrew the claims and agreed with Aaron Rich in October 2018.

In a statement, Aaron Rich said he was “satisfied” that the two were. “Responsible for the messages they make”

“In the more than four years of our loss to Seth, the allegations made against our family only perpetuate our grief without bringing us any closer to Seth’s search for Seth’s killer,” added Aaron Rich. While we will never be at peace until we get justice for Seth’s murder, I hope these incidents may prompt others to pause and consider the effects of accusing strangers of guilty on the grounds of enforcement. The law in their work, and let us remember Seth peacefully and privately. “

Fox News settled the case against Seth Rich's family.
In November of last year, Fox News settled a separate lawsuit against Seth Rich’s parents, which sued the network for developing what the series called a “hoax” story about the death of their son that left them. “Psychological anguish and emotional distress And suffering and other physical and mental injuries. “

Seth Rich was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., in July 2016.Police said evidence indicated he was the victim of a brutally robbery. But after his death, activists and far-right media organizations have offered something even scarier.

Without real evidence, these right-wing activists have proposed a conspiracy theory that caused Seth Rich to leak DNC emails to Wikileaks and to be killed for the supposed leak. The theory is convenient for some on the right, as they contend allegations that Russia hacked the DNC, something that President Donald Trump argued.

But a 2019 report from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who examined Russia’s role in meddling in the 2016 election, humiliated all of the conspiracy theories. The report said WikiLeaks was communicating with Russian military intelligence officers about the stolen DNC documents before and after Rich’s death.

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