On Tuesday, Wayne County Department of Health officials ordered seniors to contact local hospitals to arrange for the vaccination against COVID-19, as few doses given by the state are reserved for those faced with. First of all, long-term care workers and other front-line employees.

Wayne County health strategist Mouhanad Hammami told the Wayne County Commission on Tuesday that the department had requested nearly 5,000 doses of the vaccine for the past three deliveries. But received much less quantity

“The states don̵

7;t get what they expect from the federal government, we don’t get what we expect from the state, and so on. You can only distribute what you have,” Hammami told the commission.

The state’s largest county, except Detroit, has received the vaccine three times. Each time, the county requested 4,875 volumes, Hammami said. The county received 1,950 doses on December 17; 975 doses on December 29 and 2,925 doses on Mondays

Hammami said Monday’s shipments will run out by the middle of next week.

“We want to have enough for 11,000 (people) as of today, tomorrow the number will continue to grow,” Hammami told the commission.

Hammami said, while the state allows the agency to move to Phase 1B, which allows anyone over the age of 65 to be vaccinated, that is not possible in Wayne County. Others expect us to do it, ”he said.

The county has about 500,000 people eligible for the vaccine and 11,000 people registered for the vaccine.

Hospitals and health systems currently have the most reliable vaccines available to the elderly, Hammami said.

“I want to emphasize that whoever is 65 or older because this is a conflict the state says. ‘Call your health department’, which wouldn’t be nice if they called us. In fact, it would put a lot of burden on. We, because we’re going to repeat the same message: You have to go to your health system, ”Hammamie told The Detroit News on Monday.

The county is also working with superintendents to survey school districts to determine the number of teachers willing to be vaccinated to determine future needs, he said.

Hospitals have also received an overwhelming request for vaccination appointments.Beaumont Health tripled its server capacity over the weekend after its website crashed on Friday due to massive demand for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The growing demand came after Beaumont informed patients Thursday night that vaccinations would be available to people aged 65 and older starting Monday.

Nearly 1 million Beaumont patients can reach myBeaumontChart Which is an online health portal that connects people with their health records, information, medical tests and appointments.

Beaumont is currently capable of vaccinating 3,200 people per day at Beaumont Service Centers in Southfield, and plans to expand to more sites soon.

Henry Ford Health System said it began contacting patients 65 and older on Friday afternoon through MyChart, the hospital’s online patient portal, and attempted to contact patients who were not part of that system. Proactively to encourage them to sign up, spokesman John Gillespie said.

For members: Michigan vaccine demand outpaces supply

Tim Killeen, who is chair of the commission’s health and human services commission, said it was not a good idea for the county to use its size as a reason for pressing more vaccines.

“You should believe that all jurisdictions are pressing more and more vaccines into their jurisdiction,” said Killeen. “The last thing you want is the number of vaccines your local jurisdiction receives is directly related to political power. Of persons in the jurisdiction we are required to distribute this vaccine regardless of the politics involved.

There are more than 58,000 cases in the county and 27,000 more in Detroit.

With the exception of Detroit County, 1,859 people died, among them Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon and Dearborn Heights Mayor Daniel Paletco.

The most impacted cities were Dearborn – 7,776, 176 deaths, Livonia – 4,632, 228 deaths, Canton – 4,347, 88 deaths, and Dearborn Heights – 3,957. 106 deaths, according to the county’s COVID-19 control panel.

Mayor Mike Duggan announced Tuesday that the city of Detroit is adding COVID-19 call center staff, extending business hours, and calling on those who were not eligible for treatment after Monday’s floods. More than 120,000 appointment requests

Detroit hopes to have 20,000 coronavirus vaccinations available by early February if the state can maintain adequate amounts. If additional doses are received, they hope to increase the number of vaccinations to 30,000, the mayor told reporters on Tuesday.

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