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Control Multiplayer Spinoff Announces More Control Games In Portfolio

Control, Remedy’s 2019 third-person shooter set in a trippy government facility. Remedy multiplayer spinoff game is getting. announce Tuesday

The spin-off, codenamed “Condor,” will be a 4-player co-op “Player vs. Environment” co-op game. Additionally, it will be developed using Remedy’s proprietary Northlight engine, which Remedy uses. in the development of control

In a press release, Remedy said it had agreed to co-publish and develop Condor with 505 Games, who previously worked with Remedy to release Control in 2019. 505 Games has also released recent titles such as Ghostrunner, Death Stranding̵

7;s PC port, and Journey to the Planet. savage

Remedy also states that Condor’s initial development budget is €25 million, which will be split between Remedy and 505 Games. This makes it roughly the same. (or less) the reported regulated budget, said Remedy CEO Tero Virtala. GamesIndustry.biz It was set at “less than 30 million euros”.

Finally, Remedy and 505 secretly made a high-level plan for A new, bigger budget game set in a controlled universe.. This means that Remedy is working on six games. Includes two sets in the Control/Alan Wake universe and the untitled free-to-play co-op game Vanguard.

In a separate blog post, Control Game Director Mikael Kasurinen said Control is “first and foremost” with stories. And while Remedy is primarily known for developing single-player games, Remedy’s team has a long history of playing and loving multiplayer games. and confident that they can turn that love into an appropriate experience.

“We’ve come to this point and there will be some doubts about many players. But I believe we can create experiences together without affecting our unique DNA or the stories we want to tell. Yes, we have to rethink our perspectives, our techniques, our ideas. But we see it as an exciting challenge. What will a multiplayer Remedy game look like?”

It’s been a big couple of years for Remedy to have. The most financially successful year of 2020Although not a single game has been released, the company has also expanded to more than 280 employees.

IGN awarded Control our Game of the Year 2019, calling it “explosive, bizarre and beautiful”.

Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer/OOP for IGN.

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