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Coronavirus: Israel May Stop Outdoor Face Masks Soon

Israel may soon lift the requirement to wear masks outside the home as the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the area drops to below 4,900.
On Tuesday, Channel 12 reported that the Ministry of Health has approved the move as long as the outlook remains positive and regulations change from April 18.The authorities have reportedly decided to wait until the Independence Day, which. It falls on April 15 to reduce the chance of an increased epidemic due to the holiday celebration.

Head of Health Service Dr. Sharon Alroy-Priest admitted ministry officials were discussing the move.

“Public health interventions always demand a balance between effectiveness and public safety,”

; said Dr. Ayallehem, director of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases at Sheba Medical Center. The post jerusalem“We know wearing masks outside the home is not as effective as doing them indoors. Moreover, we see that many people are no longer wearing masks. So at this point, with a small number of patients and most of the population being vaccinated or recovered, it would make sense from an epidemiological and public health perspective to raise demand. ”

303 cases were identified on Tuesday, according to the ministry on Wednesday.Only 0.5% of the 60,000 tests produced positive results, a rate similar to the previous day and the lowest in May 2020 numbers. The daily new patients exceeded 420 in the past week.

The number of critically ill and ventilated patients continued to decline and stood at 309 and 157, respectively, on Wednesday. Last week they were at 391 and 202 respectively.

The total death toll was 6,261, with five deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours.

According to Leshem, health authorities should focus on issuing clear, simple and well-explained guidelines to avoid confusion among citizens.

Asked if he believed the mask requirement could be lifted if everyone in the room was vaccinated or recovered, experts responded that it was important to gradually reduce the restrictions.

“Our rule is to assess each intervention one at a time. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to put your finger in things that went wrong, ”explains Leshem, but he added,“ Scientifically speaking, people who are fully vaccinated have very low risk for each other. It may be that in the near future we will see limitations more relaxed. ”

The coronavirus cabinet is expected to meet Wednesday night to increase the limit of outdoor gatherings from 50 to 100 and to reduce some of the restrictions on the education system.

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